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Magnolia man falls through ice

By Carol McIntire

47-year-old Eugene Scott of Magnolia is lucky to be alive after falling through ice on Atwood Lake Thursday morning.

He is lucky his cries for help were heard by three Chesapeake Energy employees who were staying at Atwood Resort and Golf Club.

And, he is lucky an employee of Ziegler Tire in Canton who was attending a sales meeting at Atwood had a rope in his truck.

Jason Rickman, Tyler Trammel and Jim Ray were leaving their room at Atwood about 7:30 a.m. to go to work at the Carroll County Genealogical Society where they are digitizing records.

Rickman said as they were getting into their vehicle they heard a faint sound he believed was someone "hollering for help."

"We got in the car and drove to the bottom of the driveway (at SR 542),"

Rickman said. "We heard it again and thought it must be someone across the road at the lake. We drove across the road to the boat landing where we saw a guy who had fallen through some ice and into the lake."

Rickman said the man's body from his arms down was submerged in the water.

"We tried using tree limbs to get him out but he was so cold he couldn't grip the limbs," he explained. "We tried making a human chain, but that didn't work either."

Then John Streb, the Ziegler Tire employee, arrived at the scene. He'd also heard the cries for help when he was outside at the resort.
Luckily, Rickman said, Streb had a rope in his truck. They made a noose on one end and were able to get it around Scott's wrists and pull him out.

Rickman said when Scott was pulled from the water, he was coherent and talking, but wasn't able to move any of his limbs.

They put him on a sled Scott had in his vehicle and pulled him up to the road. They stripped his wet clothes off and put him in one of their vehicles to get him warm until emergency personnel arrived.

Dellroy Fire Department was dispatched  from a 911 call placed by one of the men and Sherrodsville emergency squad responded to the scene.

Scott was transported to Mercy Medical Center at Canton where he was treated and released.

Rickman said he, Trammel and Ray went back to the lodge, changed their wet clothes and headed to Carrollton to work.  

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