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Friend’s angling prowess rubs off

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Cody McNutt

Dustin Moser of Minerva is an avid fisherman.

He has been fishing for many years and has been a frequent competitor at the Lake Ontario Counties (LOC) Tournaments in New York but has never made it into the winner’s circle. That changed a couple weeks ago.

Moser said he recently invited his friend, Cody McNutt of Malvern, to fish in the pond on his Brown Twp. farm. McNutt found success the first time he cast into the water. “The first time we went fishing in the pond, he caught a seven pound largemouth bass. I’ve been fishing in that pond for 30 years and never caught one that big!” Dustin said. “We went fishing in another pond and he caught another big one so I invited him to go along to the LOC spring tournament.”

McNutt’s success carried on through the 10-day tournament and you could say it “rubbed off” on his fishing partner.

McNutt landed the Brown Trout winner of the tournament with a 16 pound, 13 ounce fish he caught May 4 while fishing with Alan Moser and Dustin along with Capt. Mike Pastore of Ontario. Pastore operates Rodmaster Charters out of Irondequoit Bay.

They were trolling a chartreuse Bomber stickbait on the surface off planer boards in 10 feet of water when the first place fish hit. The catch was  McNutt’s biggest fish ever, adding to the excitement of his first derby.

Moser took second place with a 15 pound, 14 ounce fish earning him a spot in the winner’s circle, the first time in the 10 years he’s been a competitor.

Both were recognized at the awards banquet and received trophies and a cash award for their efforts.

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Friend’s angling prowess rubs off