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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:
What is it that attracts dishonest candidates to the Republican party? The last Republican Congressman for this district was convicted of criminal activity and sent to prison. The last Republican governor of Ohio was convicted of committing a crime while in office and, at the time, it was reported Bob Taft owned no property in the United States, but owned a home in Canada.  This in itself should have sent up a red flag.

Last year while millions of Americans were losing their homes to foreclosure and millions more did not have a job, John Boehner, the Republican minority leader in Congress, squandered $85,000 of American taxpayers’ money on golf course fees. Shame on you, John Boehner. Return the money to the American taxpayers or you are not better than a thief.

During the Bush administration, the corruption was so rampant that John McCain, a fellow Republican, spoke of it in his campaign speeches. When the Republicans in Washington voted against the Public Option and Medicare buy-in, they denied every American under the age of 65 their freedom to choose their health care provider. They forced every American to buy from a private insurance company. Last year, the CEO of Aetna insurance was paid $38 million. Now get this, the CEO for United Health Care was paid $102 million and the Republicans in Washington, by voting down the Public Option and Medicare buy-in, gave the private insurance companies 30 million new customers.

I believe that to vote Republican will mean the end to Social Security, Medicare and unemployment benefits. I don’t believe the Republican party cares about the American middle class or the poor class and I used to be a die-hard Republican.

Marc Blanc
North Canton, OH

To the Editor:
We would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of individuals and businesses that were very instrumental in making our 8th Minerva Athletic Hall of Fame weekend very successful.

Thanks to Terry and Lisa Dunlap of Dunlap Photography for their ability to take an old picture and make it come to life for our picture plaques of each inductee. Also the group picture of the 2010 class which each inductee received, all free of charge!

Thanks to Greg Smith and his staff at the Minerva Classic for the excellent food and decorations.

We would also like to thank the high school custodial staff for their help with the auditeria; and our Master of Ceremonies, Coach Lynn Molen, who discussed each inductee’s accomplishments, which brought such honor to the recipient.

Finally, we would like to congratulate this year’s class, their families, and friends, who made the entire weekend a success.

Please mark your calendar for next year’s class induction: Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011. To nominate a well deserving contributor, coach, or athlete to the Minerva Athletic Hall of Fame, go to Minerva Local School Web Site, scroll down and click on the Icon that says athletics, continue to forms. Minerva Local Schools Web

The Minerva Athletic Hall of Fame Committee

To the Editor:
Wednesday morning, Sept. 22, was a day and an event I won’t soon forget.

Carrollton High School’s Prayer Warriors led prayer at the flagpole outside the high school. What a fantastic turnout! This group of students is really growing fast and what a blessing to see so many students and public participate.

I want to thank these students for what they are doing. Also, thanks to student leader Hunter Hickman and Pastors Mike Doak, Gordon Warner, Seth Filburn and George Payne for their support and help with this successful event. It was a powerful morning and one that had to be pleasing to our Lord. Believe it! Good things happen when God is pleased. Prayer Warriors, you are reaching others for Jesus Christ. There is no higher calling.

A couple other National Day of Prayer members were present with me that day. They include Barb Walton and Chris McLean. We were all blessed and want you to know we stand available to help at anytime.

I close with a grateful heart and great faith in our youth. God Bless

Bonnie Little
National Day of Prayer Task Force
Carrollton, OH

To the Editor:
What is OSU Extension? It is an entitlement and yes it will increase your property taxes by 0.25 mil for each $1.00 of valuation, it amounts to 2.5 cents, per hundred dollars of valuation, for the next five years. This money is used to get matching funds from the State and Federal Government.  The county has to put up 40% of the cost to staff and run an office with the State and Federal coming up with 60%. This program up to last year was funded with money from the General Fund but, due to a lack of funds the funding was pulled.

This program differs from other entitlement programs in that it is a development program It gives those both young and older a chance to learn how to become better prepared to meet life’s challenges. The nice thing about this program is that the more people that use it the less it costs.

It teaches respect for others, yourself and your community. It instills the desire to make things better and to become more self-sufficient to become a hand not a hand-out.

Unlike school it uses the learn by doing approach, a hands-on way of learning. You get to see why it is important to be able to read, write and do math. Learning is done in many different ways; hearing you retain only about 25%, reading  you retain about 35%, seeing you retain about 45%, but by doing something you retain 65 to 85%. The old adage of teach a man to fish still holds true today.

OSU Extension is the door to all the resources, curriculum and knowledge of Ohio’s Land Grant College, Ohio State University. 4-H and the other programs will be lost to Carroll County if we do not support this levy. OSU extension has been part of Carroll County for the past several decades and has added to the county in ways most of us have come to take for granted.

Please remember to vote Nov. 2; our county depends on you.

John Gardner
Mechanicstown, OH

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