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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:
Every month throughout the year is dedicated to various causes, issues and holidays. April is no different and, in fact, in my mind is a very important month as it is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. During the next few weeks,  please take time to learn about more services in our community available for education, prevention and support. COMPASS (Sexual Assault Education, Prevention and Support) offers a multitude of services for Tuscarawas and Carroll County residents. We offer a 24-hour crisis hotline, hospital and courtroom advocacy, assisting in filing for protection orders and prevention education presentations for any age group.

Also, please join us April 17 for our third annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, the International Men’s March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault and Gender Violence. This event, which will be held at J.I.M.S Place in  New Philadelphia, is to encourage men to become involved in sexual violence prevention work by raising awareness of a serious topic in a light-hearted fashion.

Our organization would not exist without the help of our caring, dedicated volunteers. If you would like more information on how to become a volunteer to sign up for Walk a Mile, call the office at 330-339-2504.

Molly MacMath
Director of COMPASS

To the Editor:
I want to thank the Carroll County Ministerial Association for the gift they gave to the believers of Carrollton and Carroll County.

On Good Friday, they sponsored a service at Wesley Community Chapel. For anyone there, you could certainly experience the gift of the Holy Spirit’s presence.

It was heart warming to see all Christian denominations gathered at one location to hear the Word, sing His praises and worship the One True God.
Keep up your efforts to promote togetherness among us.

Liz Sweeney
Carrollton, OH

To the Editor:
As April 15 approaches I, like many of us, am painfully aware of the burden taxes have put on our society.  We look at our 1040 forms and think of the possibilities we could use that money for.  We know that our tax money will disappear into the black hole of Columbus or Washington D.C. and wonder how much of it will return to our community or how much of it will be wasted.

When it comes to local issues my thought process is altogether different.  I look at each levy individually as they come up and I ask the one question does this make Carrollton or Carroll County a better place to live and a better place to raise a family?  This does not always mean that the benefits of the levy will directly affect me or my family.  This is the case with the Carroll County OSU Extension Levy.  I am not involved in any of the Extension programs nor do my kids participate in any of the 4-H programs but I do see the benefits.  The more opportunities we give the children in our community to participate in educational programs and clubs the better prepared they will be to face the world.  In a rural community such as ours we must give our children every opportunity possible to learn, grow and compete in later life.  With this levy we are not adding new opportunities, we are saving the same opportunities that have been given to all of us who grew up here. 

I am a strong believer in the principle that we all need to give back to our communities.  Most of us do this in many different ways whether it is through donation of our time and money to worthy causes, or through a club, church or non-profit organization.  Sometimes our local tax dollars can be just as effective in giving back.  This is why I will vote for the Carroll County OSU Extension Levy and would encourage you to do the same.

Rick Truman
Carrollton, OH

To the Editor:
“He doesn’t have the money or the name to win”. That is the statement that plays like a broken record each time I mention Hombre Liggett’s name.

Until March 30, 2010, I knew little about the candidates running in the Republican primary for the 18th District Congressional Seat. However on that evening I attended a local forum held in Coshocton County. The forum was informative and gave constituents a chance to hear and see six of the seven candidates.

All those running were articulate and passionate; however it was the guy with “little money” and “little fame” that captured my attention. When Hombre Liggett spoke I heard a man that believes wholeheartedly in the constitution of the United States and who, like Thomas Jefferson, vowed to use “the chains” of this great document to reign in and control government. I heard a man that comes from modest means passionately state that, he would rather go bankrupt and lose everything than lose the freedoms being compromised by the recent healthcare bill. I heard someone finally summarize correctly the ‘real’ mission of politics…“to SERVE” the people. This was an individual that spoke from his heart, wearing his patriotism on his sleeve the entire time. Hombre Liggett is the first candidate I’ve heard suggest an audit on the Federal Reserve and he also understands why Cap and Trade must be repealed. He was an intelligent and refreshing alternative to the usual political rhetoric.

Regardless of whether Hombre Liggett has the “money” or “name recognition” to win the primary, I left the forum knowing he had earned my vote. I think it is a sad day when the person with the most money is automatically assumed to be the winner of an election. America is in serious trouble. I don’t need to list the issues. We all know them too well.

“We the people”, have an opportunity one election at a time to appoint “real people” that are living lives just like us. Why do we always appoint the seasoned politician or affluent lawyer to represent us…the middle-income, average Joe?

I am tired of career politicians that start out in state government, run the gamut there and then automatically move into a congressional seat for life. I am also tired of only the most affluent and wealthiest individuals being able to actually win an election. I want someone that is going to have “my” best interest at heart, someone that understands I am their “employer” and they are accountable to me and the other constituents of the 18th district.  

The voter holds great power if we harness and use it correctly. I challenge everyone to learn more about Hombre Liggett and to strongly consider supporting, for once, a regular guy with great conviction and passion about government and America. Be warned though before you get behind him…“he doesn’t have the money or the name to win”…only the common sense and passion to possibly make a difference.

Shelly Webb
Coshocton, OH

To the Editor:
As our vote goes, so goes our country, state and county. If you don’t vote, don’t complain!

In the organizations that I belong, decisions are made by those that show up. I believe this is called a democracy. If we elect good people to fill these positions we should end up with good results.

The same is true when voting on issues. I would like to make a couple of comments on the Carroll County (CC) OSU Extension levy that will be voted on May 4, 2010. I am supporting a VOTE FOR the approval of the 0.57-mill levy for a period of 5 years.

Carroll County Extension Service is the education arm of Ohio State University. I was not able to attend OSU or any other college. After graduating from high school and serving 4 years in the Navy, I became a full time farmer in Carroll County for over 50 years. I spent many nights attending extension meetings to learn and keep up with new technology and research projects.

Agriculture like many businesses is a moving target. There is something new in research and technology every day. If I had not had the availability of CC Extension Service I and many of the other farmers would not have achieved success.

C. C. Extension service is not only agriculture. It is involved in natural resources, community development for Carroll County citizens. The extension office also operates the Farmers Market in the summer time and many other services.

C.C. Extension service is a roll up your sleeves get to work office that benefits every family in Carroll County, Urban and Rural. It has been in existence for nearly 100 years and a VOTE FOR the levy will keep it in existence for at least another 5 years.

The cost would be $17.51 per year on a residential home with assessed value of $100,000. That is a small price to pay for our future especially when you consider the 4-H program.

4-H is an educational program for the future and leadership training for our youth. It teaches responsibility, discipline and work ethics. 4-H is a good recipe for the development and success of our children as they become the future leaders and work force of our county. Similar to sports in school except not many people make a living playing sports.

Please VOTE FOR the levy as it is very important for our county now and also for the future.

P. S. - Bob Evans, the owner of Bob Evans restaurants, said many times and I quote: “The 2nd most important thing I did in life was to build the Bob Evans restaurant chain and the 1st and most important thing I did in life was to work to help the survivor of the family farm. The FAMILY FARM is the backbone of country!”

Earl J. McKarns
Kensington, OH


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