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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:
Discrimination is personal investment in outcome - otherwise, there is no need to interfere.

When the US presses practice discrimination, the Constitution - is but blasphemous ink.

We are leaderless at this hour - without equal representation, as we have, but large groups of discriminatory behavior, without leaders, because those in pretentious positions, fear mockery.

A leader: Stands for more than one’s self; sees beyond one’s life and lifetime, and possesses wisdom to discern the following words in the universal mind:

Fear: “I may not exist in this world.’

Mockery: “I may not be allowed to love what I want to love.”

Hope: “I have not the power to do this alone”

In representation, there is but selective petty groups, representing the group’s ideas; peddled and solicited solely amongst themselves. They seek their values only.

There is no representation of states or citizens. There is but representation of party and its belief, whose belief “to lead’ is to be belittle opposition.

This is discrimination.

Belittlement: “I am afraid to grow.”


In religion, you esteem a Middle East history, while you send your children to kill this history’s ancestors.

In Middle East history, you have no other knowledge of the earth. (Remember, the world was perceived “flat.”)

Because of this history, you believe you are better, or are “right”.

To be better than: “The need to belittle, to retain a small inner state, that one can feel large.”

When we reach a state of equality, we do not criticize. We accept difference of belief. (This acceptance, however, does not accept injury to others.)

Further, this religion esteems hypocrisy: It contains opposite ideology, in phrases such as “turn the other cheek,” and “beat and trample my enemy.”

It is little wonder, how many different branches of the same religion, choose these different parts to promote.

What path do you want the world to be? Your act makes it so.

You believe you possess knowledge of God? Look at the sky. Do you know everything in the universe? Then you do not know God.


Oh, we like the sound of the words: American. Human. Soul. Liberty. Rights. Justice. Equality. But when have you ever truly practiced them?

The fallacy of discrimination practiced, amid ink written.

Once, I compared the Biblical quote, “when thee fast, anoint thy head with oil, so that others do not know thee fasting, and do not be like the hypocrites, who wail in the street. Your father seeks thee in secret ...” with the need to wear crucifixes, “What Would Jesus Do” bracelets, and the use of the words Christian, my church, and my pastor, as a display to others (which is both arrogant, and can be perceived as a threat, as the history of religion, has been used by governments as a weapon; Thus why there is separation of church and state.)

I was met with instant venom: “That’s blasphemy!”
Really? Is it not the same analogy?

Arrogant: To use mockery, as a weapon, to feel better than.

Philosophy: A tool of questions to raise the human race from a lower level, to a higher one, in a effort to promote peace and justice.

That people come together to serve others, has no foundation in an adjective, but in the idea of hope.

Unfortunately, adjectives are selected, waved and esteemed and therefore, separate.

When you speak to others, apply what you know, not whom you know. (Honor the writer, if quoting. It is his work.)

When you vote, do not promote separation. Political parties divide and conquer.

Ann Yeager
Harlem Springs

To the Editor:
Our open house Sept. 4 at the Golden Age Retreat turned out phenomenal. It may not have been the best weather day, but as the old adage goes, “ it could have been worse.” The community supported us with a large turnout and many of our residents bundled up against the chill to participate as well.

The fact that we served good food was no surprise as Nana’s Snack Shack has a fine reputation and our kitchen staff is the best! Also, our own Carroll Golden Age Retreat kitchen staff’s chili was again voted #1 out of all the delicious entries. Thanks to all who entered and all who lent their tasting ability to make the Chili Cook-Off such a success.

Special thanks must be directed to Kevin Niedig for his generosity and expertise at making homemade ice cream. Burr, it was good! Kevin’s lovely assistant for the day was Carroll County Junior Dairy Princess Brittany Rohr.

We had a group of talented musicians to keep the toes a tappin’! John Berecek’s velvet voice crooned to those who stayed inside while other talented performers produced music to dine by outdoors. Lee Halsey and Paul Jacobowski, the accordian duo, and Larry Santee’s of Time Band were great. We appreciate all of you for blessing us with your vocal and instrumental expertise.

Spikeman kept the car show participants and viewers happily entertained with his D.J. talents. We thank you as well, Tom, for the part you  played in networking prior to the event.

Lastly, we need to acknowledge those generous local businesses that gifted us with donations for our prize drawings. With the assistance of our tireless volunteer, Sandi Tasker, we were able to collect items or gift certificates from over 60 different businesses. Nearly everyone we contacted was able to donate. Shopping locally makes sense.

Our 50/50 winner was Patty Atkins, who on the day before, celebrated her 53rd birthday.

Kathy Horn, Activity Director
Ollie Hawkins, Superintendent
Carroll Golden Age Retreat

To the Editor:
In the race for governor, no attention has been paid to Gov. Ted Strickland’s acts in forcing Attorney General Marc Dann from office in 2008. Strickland’s behavior in that matter ignored the Ohio Constitution and the decision of the voters, and thus raised serious questions about his character.

Dann was elected in 2006 by over 2 million Ohioans after campaigning to be “the people’s lawyer.” Although Dann obviously made mistakes in his 16 months in office, he also made state government more transparent to the public, more responsive to the needs of average citizens, and less likely to engage in the types of corruption he had campaigned to stop.

Whether Dann’s mistakes were enough to have him removed from office was not for Strickland to decide. Under Ohio law, an elected statewide official can be removed either by impeachment proceedings in the Ohio legislature or by a complaint signed by 15% of the voters and a subsequent determination by the courts. Both methods involve a trial and careful weighing of the evidence; neither method involves the governor.

Despite those clear legal procedures, Strickland not only took it upon himself to decide that Dann should be driven from office but used extralegal and heavy-handed means to accomplish that result. He convinced the statewide elected Democratic officeholders, along with Democratic leaders in the Ohio Senate and House, to sign a letter publicly calling for Dann’s resignation or impeachment. He offered jobs to Dann’s top aides to have them abandon him and urge him to resign.

Strickland then had the Ohio Democratic Party denounce Dann and throw him out of the party. He goaded Democrats in the Ohio House to introduce a ridiculous impeachment resolution. And he allowed the Ohio inspector general to raid and ransack the attorney general’s office, effectively crippling Dann’s ability to function in office and forcing his resignation.

All this conduct was inconsistent with the strict legal procedures set forth in Ohio law for removing an elected statewide official. By arrogantly and recklessly applying strong-arm tactics, Strickland showed disrespect for the legal and democratic processes. His acts in that regard should be considered in deciding whether he deserves reelection.  
Joseph C. Sommer
Attorney at Law
Columbus, OH

Letter to Editor:
I spent 30 years with the U. S. Air Force and was involved in the Vietnam, Cold and 1st Iraq Wars. I retired and chose to live in Carroll County, Ohio.
However, like all places in the world, there are unfair Ohio laws that need changed.

I chose to purchase a used vehicle to replace my old vehicle. This year I traded an $11,000 vehicle on a $21,000 used vehicle.
My state tax was over $1,300. If I had purchased a new vehicle, my tax would have been $650.

When questioning the Clerk of the Carroll Title Department about the unfair double tax, she said “there is nothing you can do about it”. I responded by saying yes I can and will contact my representative.

I decided to ask the Republican candidate for State Representative what could be done about this tax and he stated “nothing I guess.”

When I asked Mark Okey, our Ohio State Representative, he said that he has been working on a bill to change the tax, a tax on retirees and average Ohio families who cannot afford a new car but trade their cars for a used one. It is a bad tax that affects those who can least afford it.

I have been a Republican for 41 years, but this year I am voting for Mark Okey to continue as our Ohio Representative. I urge everyone to check this tax out and vote for Mark Okey and help him to end this unfair burden on Ohio families.

George Sanford,
USAF,CMSgt. (Ret)
Carrollton, OH

To the Editor:
I have enjoyed transporting fellow veterans to the Brecksville and Wade Park Veterans Administration medical centers and the Canton VA clinic in the Carroll County Veterans Service Commission van. I’ve made many new friends, and have felt honored to be able assist fellow veterans suffering from various maladies, some minor and some very serious. Since June 2004, when I was asked by two Veterans Service Commission members to take the van driver position, I’ve driven over 151,000 miles on the dangerous highways to Cleveland, at least four hours driving time each trip, mostly during rush hour. Thanking our Lord, I have been fortunate in not having any kind of accident or citation in that time, and I pray that may continue.

On Saturday, July 10th, I mailed to my supervisor, Shari Howells, my written resignation effective August 1, 2010. My reasons are personal at present. I provided three (3) weeks notice in order that our veterans could continue to receive transportation to their medical appointments, as well as provide the office with time to find a replacement driver.

However, when I returned home from the Post Office that same morning, I found in my mail a simple two sentence letter from Shari Howells indicating “This is to inform you that as of July 10, 2010, your employment as a part time van driver has been terminated. Thank you for your service.” 

I tell my fellow veterans I did not abandon you. We shared a lot of long days at the hospitals and in the van. I did my best to properly represent the Veterans Service Commission in their mission. As my experiences grew, I answered many questions from you and assisted you whenever I could with your needs at the medical centers, and, with questions about VA benefits and services. Almost all of you were very appreciative and complimentary. For that I thank you.

As I’ve told the members of our Veterans Service Commission, verbally and in writing, I offer to be available whenever possible if an emergency situation arises and a driver is needed. There should never be a weekday when a veteran is told the van is not available for transport.
I thank you for your service to our country.


Tom Burkhart
Malvern, OH

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