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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:
How long do we have to look at this mess?

I’m referring to the mess along the railroad tracks that run through our front and backyards in Carrollton.

Don’t get me wrong folks, I’m all for government stimulus. $20 million to help 11 railroads and 10 businesses undergo rail freight improvement projects, stimulate economic development and reduce traffic congestion. One thousand two hundred ninety jobs will be created, 13,003 jobs will be maintained and required truck trips will be reduced by 589,797 annually. “Protecting our most vulnerable citizens and continuing economic investment to support our communities and businesses.”

Wonderful; what a great idea. I can see it happening. The only problem is they forgot to create one job – the clean up crew. Drive through any railroad crossing in Carrollton and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s a mess. That didn’t just start yesterday.  We’re going on our second year of looking at all the debris left over from the revamping of the tracks.

I personally think Carrollton is a beautiful town. The railroad is not helping to keep our city clean. I don’t think we should wait for Mother Nature to take care of the problem. Something needs to be done to change this situation.

Daniel W. Siedler
Carrollton, OH

To the Editor:
This letter is in response to Ken Joseph’s letter to the editor printed last week.

Just like you, Mr. Joseph, I can no longer hold back and must comment. I am the father of that special needs student you are referring to.

First of all Mr. Joseph, you were not on the bus that day. Therefore, you don’t actually know the events that took place. So, in my opinion, you’re not in any political position to say what did or did not happen that day on the bus.

Your letter makes it sound like you’re friends with Mr. Keyser. Since you’re friends, I’m sure you know some of the story, but you aren’t aware of the entire story or the timeline on which all of this started. The incident happened on a Friday and I was not notified until Monday afternoon. You made a statement about “uninformed citizens.” You are just as uninformed as the citizens to which you refer. In fact, your letter sounds more like you are just trying to defend your friend. You also make a statement that you would have no problem with any teacher or bus driver physically restraining your child. I’m sure, as a parent, if this situation happened to you, you would have pursued it as well. If not, that sounds troubling to me.

As a parent, it is our responsibility to protect our children. As far as I’m concerned, no adult has the right to physically or mentally abuse a child. Just because you are a teacher or bus driver doesn’t mean it’s acceptable either. If anyone in the position of a teacher or bus driver can’t keep their composure, they shouldn’t be in that position to start with.

However, at the beginning of the school year, there was an aide on the bus for two weeks. Somehow after two weeks, someone decided an aide wasn’t needed on the bus any longer. Yet, when the decision was made to remove the aide I was never informed. I didn’t find out the aide was removed until this incident occurred.  If Mr. Keyser felt the need to keep the aide on the bus, why couldn’t he have done something about it?

Warren Eddleman
Carrollton, OH

To the Editor:
As a parent of a child with disabilities, my concern is education and free appropriate placement for special needs children in the county. Should a parent with a child with AS (Autism) attending the Virtual Academy have to sustain themselves into going out of town for their child’s books (audio)? Well, of course not. Ebooks/computers are the future for online education. Not just the future but a necessity for learning. Not an accommodation, but the tool to become successful in the education world.

How can assignments get completed if the lesson has not yet been attained? It is easier to use the word truancy than to have to track down the proper tools for improvement. Ipad’s (online books) were donated to the school this summer but are not accessible to the special children who need them. Why? Accessibility is not the technology department/lab (in school suspension for high school students) due to age and disability.

Appropriate education such as: if you are allergic to tomato soup and someone put the label chicken soup on the can, it could cause a negative effect. Categories of labels, so to speak, IEP (Individualized Education Plan) in the education world (OH, other health impairment, or ED, emotional disturbance) does matter on proper placement.

The last thing I would like to bring to light is that placement in the education system should not be denied due to the category of disability. Bullying does exist, whether it is race, religion or disability. Every child deserves to be educated free and appropriately. Autism does speak (!

Mrs. Sherry Monk
Carrollton, OH

To the Editor:
As Commander of VFW Post 232, Amsterdam, OH, I want to commend The Free Press Standard and Herald Star for the coverage of the VFW Commander in Chief honoring our post. I also want to express my disappointment in our local television news coverage which claims “We are Everywhere” for choosing that this honor bestowed upon our local veterans was not “News Worthy”.

Dennis Gallagher
Commander of VFW Post 232
Amsterdam OH.
(The opinion expressed is my own and not those of the VFW)

To the Editor:
The Victim Assistance program would like to thank the many public agencies, individuals, and churches for their monetary donations and numerous items donated to help and distribute to survivors going through the Victim Assistance Office Program.

Karin Taff, Director
Kim Lincicome, Domestic Violence Advocate
Valorie DeCarlo, Victim Advocate
Eileen Rohrer, W.I.S.H. Facilitator

To the Editor:
As a member of village council, I would like to address an issue that occurred at our meeting, Nov. 8. I am making this statement to clarify where the majority of council stands on this important issue. We do not want the village of Carrollton to think we are “playing politics” or that we “just want our own way.” We believe we represent the best interest of this community and we do not take that charge lightly.

The question was put to Mayor Dave Flanary by Councilman Frank Leghart concerning the number of applications the village received for the position of village administrator. The mayor’s reply was, “there have been approximately 14.” He was then asked by Leghart if council would be permitted to have copies of the applications for review. Leghart was told, “No.”

Council was then informed by Flanary the hiring of the village administrator was “his hire.” Councilman Leghart then informed Mayor Flanary it is his hire, but it is contingent upon council’s approval.

While it is true the mayor does the hiring, does it not appear to the village of Carrollton that this should not depend upon one man’s recommendation? Considering the track record of hiring administrators in our village, would it not seem the wiser thing to do by utilizing our own Personnel Committee (from council) to assist in the choice of our next administrator?

My main purpose for this communication is to inform the village of Carrollton that, under no circumstances, will this council approve anyone for the position of village administrator without input into the selection process! Carrollton has many new members on its council and we will not be bullied into anything, nor will we be “yes men”  for the mayor’s agenda.

The day I was sworn into office, I was asked by Mayor Flanary and our former Administrator what my agenda was. I told them I had no agenda, I was there to do what I thought was best for the village of Carrollton and nothing more.

Councilman Dan Locke
Carrollton, OH

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