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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:
What happened to our champion of health care reform? Zack Space gave a lame excuse for voting no on health care reform.

How could he turn his back and close his eyes to the thousands of his constituents who have no health insurance because they cannot afford it or have a pre-existing condition.  I personally know of older couples without children who are paying from $500 to $1,100 per month for insurance premiums plus have a deductible of $3,000 to $5,000 they have to pay. It is heartbreaking to see that they have to go without on a daily basis. It is sad when you have to choose between buying groceries and paying for your prescription medicine.  A woman I know has to go without her prescription medicine for pain because the cost is $1,000 for a 30-day supply. This is outrageous when prescription medicine sells for one-tenth the amount in Canada and is made by the same pharmaceutical companies. What is also upsetting is the CEO’s for the health insurance and pharmaceutical companies are being paid millions of dollars a year while thousands of Americans are losing everything because they cannot afford health insurance. The CEO for Aetna insurance last year was paid $38 million and the CEO for United Health Care was paid $58,000 an hour according to CNN News. There is no one on the face of the earth worth $58,000 an hour. In 2004, the George W. Bush administration gave the Iraqi government $2.5 billion so they could have government health care. This was American tax dollars and not one Republican senator or congressman objected. But when it came to the American health care reform, they voted against it. The Republican politicians denied the American people the choice of having the public option and Medicare buy-in because their allegiance is to the health insurance and pharmaceutical companies, not the American middle and poor class. I urge everyone to contact your congressman and senators and demand the public option and Medicare buy-in be put on the November ballot for the American people to vote on instead of allowing crooked politicians to deny us this right. Before you decide whom to vote for, remember the last Republican congressman for this district was convicted of committing criminal activity while in office and sent to prison. Before you vote for governor, remember the last Republican was convicted of committing a crime while in office. The people of Ohio are still waiting on an explanation as to why Bob Taft was not forced to resign or impeached. This set a bad example and the wrong message to our young people. The reason Taft remained in office was because the Republicans were in control of the house in Columbus.

In my 70 years, one thing I have always found to be true is that “Birds of a feather flock together.” Another example of this is the House Minority Leader John Boehner, a Republican congressman from Cincinnati who voted no on every proposal that would have benefitted the poor and middle class.  According to CCN news last November, he had squandered $82,000 in 2009 of American tax dollars on golf course fees. Shame on you, John Boehner. Return the money or you are no better than a thief.
In closing, I want to say I am disappointed in the Obama administration for not investigating the rampant corruption that was going on in the Bush administration. John McCain spoke of this in his campaign speeches.

Marc Blanc
Carrollton, OH  

To the Editor:
On behalf of the Carrollton football team and coaching staff, I would like to thank Jim Myers and Myers Tin Shop for making the frame for our running ropes and for his interest in helping make our players be the best they can be.

Jim’s generous donation of the frame and his continued support of Warrior football is very much appreciated.

Dan Detwiler
Carrollton Football Coach

To the Editor:
The Carrollton Village Fire Dept. would like to express our gratitude to the people and businesses that donated and delivered food and water to the barn fire on Pebble Rd.

It is amazing how much is taken for granted until you are faced with the lack of even the basic necessities like a bottle of water. Thanks also to the fire departments that provided mutual aid.

Rick Eddy
Carrollton Village Fire Dept.  

To the Editor:
I send this note to express to you and others my concerns about the loss of funding for our county 4-H program.

All four of my children were involved in 4-H as children and in adulthood and one son (and his wife) and one daughter (and her husband) have also been involved. It provided an opportunity for us to work together with a very specific goal in mind. Some of the projects were livestock related and some were just the child’s performance, but each taught something in addition to learning the role of individual responsibility.

During the time I served as judge for Carroll County Juvenile Court we used a program for youth involved in the court system with some surprising results. The 4-H diversion program required each youth to participate in the program with a responsible adult. The results were quite a surprise. The most often repeated comment by the adults in the program was their surprise at the talent of their children.

From the perspective of one who spent time dealing with troubled youth, the 4-H program provided one of the most important needs of the child – quality time with an adult. Young folks need an example to copy in order to develop their own idea of who they want to be as an adult and our community 4-H has been the key ingredient for the rural youth.

There can be no more important goal for any community than providing a solid foundation for our youth.

John Weyand
Carrollton, OH

To the Editor:
On behalf of the CHS Speech and Drama students, coaches, and booster club, I would like to thank our community for coming out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to support our annual spaghetti dinner and show.  I would also like to thank Dusty Findling and Thorne’s Marketplace for their dedication to our program.   All of the success and growth of these students as a cast, a team, and an individual, would not be possible without you.  Your continued generosity and support are truly appreciated.

Alzana Nuzzolillo
Teacher and Speech and Drama Director
Carrollton High School

To the Editor:
“Oh the things you can think,” or maybe in this instance it should be, “thanks you can think,” because there are so many people to thank for the success of our spring production, “Seussical.” A countless number of talented people collaborated to insure “Seussical” was amazing and unforgettable.

First, we would like to acknowledge the Board of Education, Supt. Fogler, CHS Principal Dave Davis, Secretary Lori Bryan, BHMS Principal Mrs.  Green and the custodial staff of BHMS for their support of our program.

We also need to take note of the dedication of our Speech and Drama families. We definitely could not endeavor to achieve a quality performance without your support and sacrifice. A very special thanks goes out to Barb Devitt who was chairperson of all things “Seussical.” Also thanks to our community businesses that have continued to be generous and supportive. Thank you to all who helped sponsor our great show. 

A special thanks to Mr. Rich Jagunic, Mr. Sony Sonhalter and Mrs. Debra Burkhart. They have inspired our cast to give their all and hold nothing back. We appreciate their professionalism, time and dedication to our group of students. We are so proud of our students who continually amaze us and inspire us with their talent.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to the community members who stood in the rain for our sold-out Sunday matinee show. We appreciate your continued support and apologize for the inconvenience.

Please look for our 2010 fall play, Christmas Cabaret talent show and the 2011 spring musical information so you don’t miss another great show!

Randi Bake, president
Laurie Wetter, vice president
Cheri Miller, treasurer
CHS Speech and Drama Boosters

To the Editor:
I thought everyone was concerned about the economy and that Carrollton and Carroll County needed some type of industry to provide tax money for the county and the village. If this is so, then why are we so NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) about Rosebud Mining. After all, they have something that we need – money!

You are beating the bushes about the fact that this mining interest will take your water and your quiet country home and decimate it. When you bought the property you knew the coal under it had been sold and you have not claim on it.

Ralph Lloyd
Carrollton, OH

To the  Editor:
Atwood Regional Water and Sewer District hired Civil Design Associates, Inc. to do a survey for the purpose of showing the need for a public water system serving 1,250 users of the current sewer system. Civil Design Associates, Inc. has also been hired to engineer the new water system.

There were 1,133 surveys sent out and 569 responses were received. To the question of interest in receiving water from the district if the cost is greater than $45 a month there were 432 responses of which 405 said no, 27 said yes. In addition 294 said no to $35 a month and 360 said no to between $35 and $45 a month. The survey response does not indicate interest in a public water system.

The board has submitted to the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development loan applications based on fifty percent of current sewer users hooking on to the new water system. The minimum monthly charge is projected at $24 for the first 3,000 gallons plus everyone within 500 feet of a fire hydrant will be charged $12.90 a month. At $36.90 minimum you are not far from $45 a month.

The Atwood Lodge contributes 14 percent of the sewer revenue. With the Lodge out of commission that 14 percent will have to be made up by the current sewer users. At $40 per month now for sewer plus $36.90 minimum for water how soon do you think sewer and water would be $100 per month?

Maybe the board of trustees did not understand your responses. The Atwood Regional Water and Sewer Board of Trustees meet the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Warren Township Community Building, 3986 New Cumberland Rd. NE, New Cumberland. It is at the intersection of New Cumberland Rd. and Rt. 212. Perhaps you should find out what part of no they do not understand.

Donna L. Hall
Dellroy, OH

To the Editor:
As a former 4-H advisor, retired teacher and business owner we are especially interested in the progress of our 4-H program. 4-H is an educational program. The members choose projects books on a subject to their interest and ability.

The books have information and follow-up activities. Many projects have a series of books increasing in difficulties as the 4-Her progresses through the years.

The subjects are many, including woodworking, electrical, small engine, decorating, cooking and sewing and much more. Projects also include all the domestic animals such as: turkeys, rabbits, goats and dogs. The large animals include horses, cattle, sheep and hogs.

4-H is also a social program with meetings that include learning activities such as: business meetings, health/safety speeches, demonstrations relating to their projects. Club members also participate in fund raisers, community service, scholarships for college education and trips, camp and other learning activities.

4-H is especially good for the students who do not have other group activities.

The OSU Extension is of equal importance to farmers or an urban person. The 4-H program and OSU Extension is for town and rural dwellers.

Don’t let Carroll County lose a program that is educating our children. Please vote YES for the OSU Extension service and 4-H levy on May 4, 2010.

Don & Nettie LeBeau
LeBeau Geo Thermal

To the Editor:
Ever since I returned from Vietnam in February 1970, I’ve encountered efforts to downplay our service in that rotten war. Most hurtful were the World War II veterans, who called us losers, and our own government, which refused to acknowledge the extent of our sacrifice.

Until 1984, the Veterans Administration failed to recognize non-battle deaths in its statistics on the Vietnam War while including them in the totals for all prior wars. I had to correct them on that matter.

Now, the VA has been reporting that combat experience in Iraq is three times the rate that it was in Vietnam, as Carroll County Municipal Court Judge Gary L. Willen relayed in a recent talk to the American Legion in Carrollton.

During the deadliest year in Iraq, 2007, 965 Americans lost their lives there, 5.7 per each 1,000 troops in country. During the deadliest year in Vietnam, 1968, 16,592 Americans lost their lives there, 31 per each 1,000 troops in country - more than five times the rate of the deadliest year in Iraq.

During my year in Vietnam, 1969, 11,616 of my brothers were killed, 24.4 per each 1,000 troops in country - more than four times the 2007 rate in Iraq.

The highest number of total American casualties in Iraq, dead and wounded, was 8,883 in 2004, 46.3 per each 1,000 troops in country. In 1968, there were 103,980 American causalities in Vietnam, 194 per each 1,000 troops in country.

I am among the majority of Vietnam veterans who are told we did not serve in a combat capacity, but my home base at the junction of the Long Tau and Soi Rap rivers was hit by enemy mortar attacks and the helicopters that transported me for my support duties along the Cambodian border frequently took fire. Many Americans were killed by snipers and booby traps in the supposedly safe rear-echelon areas of Vietnam - even Saigon and Danang.

My intent is not to diminish the heroism of my fellow Americans fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan today. But the government’s continuing effort to sweep Vietnam veterans under the rug really does get tiring.

Dave Lange

To the Editor:
I am writing in support of the proposed Carroll County OSU Extension Levy on the May ballot. I have both benefitted from the information that is available from the Extension office and observed the benefits the 4-H program affords to young people in Carroll County. I am in favor of paying monies that benefit the most people in our community for the investment. This is an opportunity to invest in our youth and show we care about our community. I urge Carroll County voters to “vote for” the Carroll County OSU Extension Levy.

William Newell
Carrollton, OH

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