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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:
The Loudon Twp. Community Center (former Kilgore School) held its first major fundraiser May 21 following the May 16 grand opening. All who attended both events told us what a nice facility we have. They say there is nothing for adults or young people in the Kilgore area so it is wonderful we opened the center to the community, We hope people will book the center for all kinds of activities and events.

One of the biggest names in gospel quartets, Brian Free and Assurance, appeared on stage May 21. Their massive bus found its way to Kilgore at 4 p.m. and several passing cars slowed to a crawl, drivers not believing what they were seeing!

Car after car began arriving as the quartet unloaded its equipment and began setting up. People came from the local areas as well as Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Hamilton, Ontario; Follansbee, WV; and Orville. Even a few adventurous souls came from Kilgore.

Pastor Terry Will from Kilgore Evangelical Church opened the concert with prayer and Jim Burris of Carrollton Bible Chapel introduced Brian Free and Assurance. They began with an acapella song that blew the audience of more than 150 people away. As the quartet sang, the audience was enthralled with their sound, not just their harmony, but also with the message in their songs. Their music was awesome and inspiring.

For the fourth or fifth song, the men decided to sit on their captain’s chairs. They had just begun to sing when Brian’s chair collapsed and he fell on the floor. Paramedics and a nurse who were attending the concert assessed his condition while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. He was transported to an area hospital where he was treated and later released. Brian assured us the quartet would return to Kilgore in the future.

The Loudon Twp. Community Center is extremely grateful for the support of members of the Kilgore Evangelical Church and for the use of chairs from the church along with Kilgore United Methodist Church. Thanks to the five men who parked cars and all those who did tasks before, during and after the concert. Thanks to those from the Carrollton Bible Chapel who assisted in many ways. Without everyone’s support and help, the concert would not have taken place.

Brian Free definitely generated a lot of excitement in Kilgore, both spiritually and by accident. We are praying for his quick recovery so he can continue with God’s work uninterrupted.

Loudon Twp. Community Committee
Richard and Judy Cunningham
Roy and Donna Kohler
Brad and Emily Harsh
Helen Skinner

To the Editor:
This morning I watched as the school bus pulled to a fast stop at the bottom of my driveway and waited for my daughter to climb on board, a familiar scene at this the end of her seventh grade year.  But then the bus did not hurry on its way.  Instead, in her great responsibility, the driver emerged from her vessel, walked its perimeter and returned to her seat of authority behind the wheel.  Via cell phone, I learned from my daughter that due to a problem with the bus there was a replacement on the way.  Within only twenty minutes time, the second bus pulled alongside and slightly ahead of the first.  A dozen or so tall and sleepy students filed down the steps into the chilly May air, proceeded around the front of the first bus and nonchalantly up the steps of their new ride to school.  As with every good captain, the driver was the last to leave her ship.  She boarded the waiting, more dependable vehicle and off they went, on to yet another school day.

I just want to say a big THANKS! to our school bus drivers and all who are diligently hard at work making sure our kids arrive to and from school safe and sound all year.  Each school day, I send my three children forth to board your buses trusting that they will be kept safe.  And each afternoon you bring them securely back to my waiting arms.  This is no small matter and it doesn’t go unappreciated!  “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me” (Mt 25:40 NIV)

Emily J. Ulman
Carrollton, OH

To the Editor:
On May 8, Malvern residents came together to clean up the village. Forty volunteers came out in the cold, wind and rain to pick up trash, gather tires and discard appliances, batteries and brush. Three huge dumpsters were filled to capacity. The Goodwill bins were full. Residents disposed of 10.66 tons of garbage, 500 tires, 170 batteries and 860 appliances!

Woods Grocery and West End Pizza donated food for the volunteers and the following companies made donations of time and equipment: Garner Auctioneers, Burwell Refuse, Goodwill, Republic and A&A. 

Thanks to all the citizens who came out and worked together to make Malvern a better place. Thanks also to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Recycling the Litter Prevention,  for awarding the grant that helped our residents accomplish so much.

Angela Lambert
Event Chairperson
Malvern, OH

To the Editor:
Recently articles appeared in the New Philadelphia Times-Reporter and Carrollton Free Press Standard regarding funding for  Carroll County. Although the topic of the articles primarily focused on the funding of the Ohio State University Extension office, remarks were made by commissioners that figures supplied to them by me, the auditor, were contradictory. Commissioner Wheaton was quoted as saying they had a deficit of $150,000 one day and then were told the next day they would have a $250,000.

First of all, we did not have a deficit. The reference to the $150,000 figure was the amount of reduction for appropriations in the general fund due to the shortfall of anticipated revenue for the year. This is not a deficit but an adjustment to be in compliance with the certified funds.

Secondly, the $150,000 amount was the estimated balance of the general fund at year end. Unused appropriations from all departments convert back to a cash balance available for appropriations in the new year. The amount was given to the commissioners the following week, not the next day.

The commissioners were correct in stating the Carroll County Budget Commission gave notice on Aug. 3, 2009, the original amount of estimated receipts was reduced by $300,000. It was the Budget Commission’s request commissioners reduce appropriations accordingly. If this is the amount they were referring to, then again, we did not have a deficit; we were below the original anticipated amount of revenue for fiscal year 2009. There was $150,000 that was not appropriated, leaving an adjustment of $150,000 that needed to be made during the year in order to be in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code.

E. Leroy VanHorne
Carroll County Auditor

To the Editor:
In response to Ralph Lloyd’s letter, it is easy to call something NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) when it is not in your backyard.

The truth is coal mining is not good for Carroll County. It will bring less than $5,000 in tax revenue, create few if any jobs and destroy the water and life as we know it environmentally.

I did not sell my coal rights. When I bought my property 30 years ago, I was reassured by county officials at that time there would never be deep mining in Carroll County because the coal was too difficult to get out of the ground. Had I been able to see in the future, I would not have bought my property but I could not.

Lastly, it is very difficult to feel concern for a multi-million dollar conglomerate over my friends and neighbors.

Vote for any levy? There won’t be enough of a tax base to support any services. Carroll County: don’t buy the lies!

Jean Martin
Carrollton, OH

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