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Deli owner categorizes first year in business as ‘perfect’

FPS staff report

Donna Saur gives credit for the success of her deli in Carrollton to the community.

Donna, who along with her husband, Paul, operate Donna’s Deli at 50 Public Square, Carrollton, said it’s the people who have become excited about the deli and patronize the business who have made the first year “go perfectly.”

The business observed its first anniversary July 7 and Donna is looking forward to the future. “It’s because of this community that the deli has gone so well,” she said. “I can’t thank everyone enough for their support.”

Donna continues to bring new ideas to the deli. “We are doing some new things we are excited about,” she explained adding they are going to begin canning local products and selling them in the store. “People will now be able to buy the products we use to make their own sandwiches at home,” she said. She noted one of the most popular products in the deli, hot pepper mustard, will soon be available for purchase.

The owners also recently began to grow their own herbs in the store. Large decorator pots in the front window are not just for decoration, they serve a purpose. The pots include basil, mint, parsley, rosemary and cilantro. “If a customer comes in who would like to have fresh herbs, we can cut a bouquet for them,” she said.

Another popular service at the New York style deli is the meat and cheese counter that features products from Walnut Creek foods. “We slice our meats and cheeses to order,” she said. “They are never sliced ahead, so we ask our customers to be patient with us. We will gladly slice meat and cheese at any time during the day, but it may take a few extra minutes when the deli is busy. We want to provide the freshest meat and cheese we can, so please be patient with us,” she said. She said customers can also call in their deli orders and they will be ready for pickup when the customer arrives.

Another popular feature is the deli basket. Donna said she is excited about the new supply of baskets for the upcoming holiday season. Baskets include meat, cheese and a variety of other items and are available for any occasion.

The deli also offers meat and cheese trays designed specifically to the wishes of the customer. “Customers decide what kinds of meats and cheeses they want on the tray and we make up the tray,” she said. “We charge by the pound for the meat and there is no charge to assemble the tray,” she said.

The deli’s sandwich and salad combos continue to be the mainstay of the business. For one price, the customer receives a large deli sandwich, side and drink. Homemade desserts, created by Donna’s mother, Faye Vernon, are also a favorite. Large homemade cookies have been added to the deli menu and are available on Tuesday and Friday.

“I want people to come here, feel welcome and have a nice lunch,” Donna said. “My goal is the same as it was a year ago when we opened. I want them to feel like they are in my kitchen at my home.”

The deli is open Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. The business can be reached by calling 330-627-0537.

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