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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:
On behalf of the Carroll County Community Hospice Christmas Store, I want to publicly thank all the wonderful folk who contributed so much to the opening weekend of our store. Rosebud Mining Co. graciously donated the building and cost of utilities for three months; the Civic members transported multiple truckloads and a trailer load of our Christmas boxes from storage units to our new location. We couldn’t have done it without them! These people have unbelievable energy and community spirit!

Ace Hardware donated the paint and supplies, the FFA camp donated the use of tables to display our items and Jim Butuler and Russell Henderson hauled them to the store. “Build for Pottsy” made special metal work for our displays and Ulman’s Bakery made delicious treats. Thanks also to all the selfless volunteers who worked tirelessly for a month getting the store ready, including Carol Vanfossen, Cheri Bell, Diane Leslie, Ursala Lincoln, Doris Logan, Marsha Logan and Barb Loomis.

However, mostly I want to acknowledge our appreciation of the community for all the generous donations made all year and whose donations are still coming into the store. I thank you and Hospice thanks you.

Gwen Potts
Hospice Store

Following is an open letter to our newly-elected representative Bob Gibbs the FPS was asked to share with readers as a letter to the editor:

Dear Bob:
Please do not make the same mistake your predecessor made. Do not ignore “We the People” and blindly follow party leadership to our own political peril. If the Republican Party leaders start to get a little wobbly in the knees when it comes to undoing the mess they’ve been left, remind them that your constituents will not tolerate being ignored when it comes to reversing job-killing bills and higher taxes.

And remember, you didn’t win by that much in the Republican primary to disregard us. We’re only one and a half years away from the next primary and we’ll be watching your voting record with a microscope.

“We the People” got it right this past Tuesday (Nov. 2) and are politically engaged as never before. We do not want compromise with the Democrats. We won! Any compromise will come from their side, get it? If we wanted bipartisanship there wouldn’t be two major parties, there would only be one. Here are a few of our demands – yes, Bob, demands – you work for us. Defund and repeal healthcare (A power and control bill over “We the People”), say “no” to cap and trade (another power and control bill over us), balance the budget by extending Bush’s tax cuts (this will create jobs and everyone knows the government gets more revenue when people are working) and stop spending like drunken sailors (with apologies to drunken sailors).

There are to be no more bank bailouts, period. Healthy banks will fill the void. And, no more stimulus bills to take from us and give to the government; for the government to create jobs is idiotic at best. Protect us from a foreign invasion on all of our borders: see Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution. And speaking of the Constitution, read it! Since when can the government take over the automotive industry?

I know you don’t get sworn in until January, but start working now to make things happen the day the Republicans take over the House of Representatives. Time is short and the work needs to begin immediately to bring our country back from the brink of disaster. We want the United States of America back! No excuses. Remember two things about excuses: excuses are for losers and they only satisfy the people who make them up.
Congratulations on your victory Bob. “We the People” will be watching and keeping score.

Terry C.  Menefee
Malvern, OH

To the Editor:
Once again the taxpayers and voters of Carroll County said “No” to the OSU Extension Levy. Your paper’s article quoted John Gardner, “Hopefully we will be able to place a levy back on the November 2011 ballot.”

At a time when people of all persuasions are angry with politicians for not listening to voters, there are those in Carroll County who still don’t get the message. This Carroll County voter can’t speak for the 5,071 residents who voted the levy down. I voted against the levy for several reasons. Those concerns include the following:

*With Ohio State University sitting on a multi-billion (that is a “b”) dollar foundation fund, why should Ohio and Carroll County residents who are struggling in these difficult economic times be asked to fund an OSU program with their limited dollars?

*If the OSU extension program is vital, then why not do a letter and phone campaign to the OSU foundation  directors and ask them to fund the extension and give back to Ohio communities?

*How many jobs did the extension create in Carroll County over the past five years?

*How much revenue income does the extension add to the Carroll County budget?

*As a boy, when I was in 4-H, we paid our own way with fundraisers and parent monies. Churches have to fundraise. School organizations have to fundraise. Why shouldn’t OSU extension pay its own way? There are many worthwhile kids and community programs in Carroll County, but should those organizations go the taxpayer and ask to be funded with taxpayer dollars? Should the Boy/Girl Scouts ask for a levy?

*At a time when there are Carroll County employees who haven’t seen a raise since 2006, where is the fairness in giving tax dollars to the extension and not to deserving Carroll County public workers?

Furthermore, the article noted that several renewal levies were passed. Time and Carroll County history has shown a willingness of voters to continue funding important services. There is a difference in renewing already existing taxes for vital services and draining hard-pressed voters with new tax dollars for services that are not vital to the health and safety of this county. During this election, I thought the electorate across the nation sent a message to local, state and federal governments to live within their means and quit asking voters to raise their taxes. After two levy defeats, shouldn’t the OSU tax committee listen to the community voices as well?

Jerry Owens
Kensington, OH  


Editor’s Note: The FPS was asked to share the following letter with members of the community. We too, would like to join Larry McNeill in this expression of appreciation for an election that went much smoother than those in recent years.  Hats off to the Board of Elections, its employees and all those who worked diligently Nov. 2 to get the vote totals accurately and quickly.

To the Carroll County Board of Elections Members:
I have been involved in every election since the mandate of electronic voting first came out. I have been there as a Diebold and Rapp Systems employee as well as the owner of Trinity Consultants and Services. Over all the time I have been involved with the board, there have been many highs and lows for your office. There have been many issues that needed dealt with from time to time. But I believe that to be in the past.

My L&A Testing Team finished your Auto/Manual testing. Both members of my team (D.R and Daryl) commented to me just how pleasurable it was to work in the office. They are both aware of past tensions; however I was told none of that type of attitude was ever present while they were working.

As a matter of record, this has been the most stress-free election the Carroll County BOE has had since I became involved years ago. The overall attitude and the stress-less work environment was a pleasure to be part of for my team.  They came in and worked all day without any tension or conflicts.

Also, as part of the support for the Nov. 2, 2010, general election, Trinity Consultants and Services is proud to be part of the Carroll County Election Team for this recent election. People who don’t know what goes on behind the doors in the evening after the polls close should not be so fast to criticize. I know the standard of performance the board showed Tuesday night was excellence.

I think the board members, Carroll County citizens and anyone who has dealt with the BOE over the last few years should feel comfortable and reassured. They should know at this particular time, they have the best staff that has worked in this office in a long time. Everyone should be aware of the effort the staff has made to bring integrity back to this office. This staff now functions very professionally at all times. They are a compliment to Carroll County and an example of how things can be turned around when the effort is made.

My professional and personal congratulations to the present staff for all their effort. You should be proud of yourselves and your accomplishments. You are an awesome team and a pleasure to work with.

Larry McNeill
Trinity Consultants and Services 

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