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Village administration’s handling of boil alert gets failing grade

Carrollton’s Village administration dropped the ball big time this time.

It’s one thing for residents to have to put up with the storm drain mess for the last eight straight months, not knowing what streets will be closed and when, but to not have a comprehensive plan in place to notify residents of a water boil alert, such as happened last week, is inexcusable.

We understand that a boil alert doesn’t necessarily mean contamination, and that when pressure falls to a certain level an alert is suppose to be issued as per the EPA, but that’s not the point.

The point is village administrators did next to nothing to alert residents. We’re talking about a possible serious health issue here, not torn up streets. We understand that an area TV station was called and a hard rock radio station (according to an employee at city hall). Whoopee. We, of course, were not notified even though the notice could have been printed and uploaded to our website almost instantly and anytime. We, like many residents, found out about the alert some 24 hours after the waterline was severed.

One of the first things we did was go to the village’s website. Nothing - poor, out-dated excuse for a communication vehicle.

When we called the Water Department and asked why residents were not alerted, we were told there are only five employees and that they were busy repairing the break. Wrong answer. Actually, no one should have had to call.

The superintendent and employees of the Water and Sewer Department should only concentrate on repairing the problem. Resident notification should be handled by the village administrator, mayor or a designated person.

Here’s what should have happened:

Break happens at 11 a.m. Administrator or person in charge pulls emergency procedure manual shortly after. Police, fire department  and street department personnel are toned. Each unit is given a section of village and areas serviced by village water system. They head out at slow speed, flashing lights and playing an already recorded message on speaker system (or announcing via hand held from script). Repeat as needed. That’s if there isn’t enough personnel to go door-to-door. It’s a fairly simple concept and of course it would work. Within an hour or two nearly every resident would know of the alert. Neighbors and friends will automatically tell others who didn’t see or hear.

The school district also has an automated phone communication system that reaches households of students and employees. It probably would not cover all needed households, but could reach a large number. We’re sure school officials would have been happy to help if they could. They think and work together very well.

And, of course, Reverse 911 could have been utilized - if it were up and running as it was suppose to be years ago. That’s another sad commentary, but at the county government level.

There appears to be only two reasons the ball was dropped. One, no one was thinking, and two, didn’t care and just waiting on a paycheck. If it’s the latter, then some individuals may want to take a minute and contemplate who really pays their salary.

We would hope that the village administration (and if they can’t,  won’t or don’t, council members should) very quickly put together a comprehensive plan to alert residents in a timely fashion when emergencies of this type happen, but somehow we can’t help but think of the old adage: “Past performance is best predictor of future behavior.”

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:
I am writing to commend Gail Walker for her excellent letter in The Free Press Standard.

Randy Miller and Maryann Marshall’s recent letter to the editor were classic examples of distorting the truth. Randy Miller implies he would love to go backwards to 19 months ago when unemployment was 4.7 percent. On Jan. 19, 2009, the last day President Bush was in office, the rate of unemployment was 7.4 percent. This statistic was obtained from the U.S. Department of Labor. On the other hand, all  Mr. Miller has to do is move to North Dakota where, last month, the rate of unemployment for the entire state was 3.6 percent.

He goes on to say taxes were lower 19 months ago. This is false. USA Today published an article in May 2010 and the Bureau of Economic Analysis also reported when President Obama gave the middle class a tax cut, it brought the level of federal taxes to the lowest it has been since 1950. Last fall, I watched an interview of Warren Buffett, the multi- billionaire. He was asked what he thought of the recent tax cut President Obama gave to the middle class. He replied it was the first time in his lifetime he could remember a tax cut being given to the middle class; always before tax cuts were given only to the wealthy.

He went on to say he doesn’t pay any taxes.

In eight years, George W. Bush brought about the worst recession in the history of the United States and yet there are people who expect Barrack Obama to be Houdini and reverse all this in 19 months.

Maryann Marshall’s letter makes reference to President Obama using the BP oil disaster  to his advantage by delaying efforts to protect beaches and cleanup. This couldn’t be further from the truth when on Aug. 5, 2010 CNN News and the Associated Press reported the majority of the oil spill had been cleaned up.

She criticizes President Obama for having a moratorium on all drilling in the Gulf as being an act to drive oil sources away and causing the loss of thousands of jobs. That fact that 11 men were killed and BP doesn’t know what caused the explosion should be enough of a reason for a moratorium. As long as the oil companies cannot prove, with safety programs in place, the worst environmental disaster won’t occur again, there should be no drilling allowed. Since when are jobs more important than a clean environment and the safety of human lives?

Mrs. Marshall implies that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were responsible for the failure of the housing market. This is completely false. The sole purpose of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is to buy mortgages from the financial sector. By doing so, they provide liquidity in dollars to the financial market.  They were victimized by Wall Street, the major banks and mortgage companies who were responsible for the financial collapse in this country.

Barrack Obama was raised by a single parent, his mother, a Christian by religious faith who worked for the Ford Foundation in Indonesia and Pakistan doing research on poverty. He cannot help being only half white and Michelle Obama cannot help that one of her great grandfathers was white.

The message from Maryann Marshall’s letter is not of animosity or antagonism, it is pure hatred towards the President. She goes on to day there should have been an investigation into his radical and Muslim backgrounds. I wonder if she meant to say racial and Muslim background?

Marc Blanc
North Canton, OH

To the Editor:
The Carroll County District Library’s Adult Summer Reading Program, “Water Your Mind,” was a great success this year! 

We did some fantastic programs and had great presenters.  We learned a lot and laughed even more. 

It’s hard to know where to begin to thank everyone who contributed to such a fun summer!  Ponderosa Gift Certificates always helps make our summers successful!  Dollar General Market and Griffith’s Green House donated prizes that everyone loved as well!  Tim Simon of Briarpatch Tobacco and Donna Gilbraith donated wonderful cigar boxes which we turned into purses, treasure boxes and memory boxes.
Our presenters, Heidi Sammons, Cake Decorating; Jessica Hale, soft, satin “Mary Kay” hands; Jamie Matoszkia, Massage Therapy for our Spa and Smoothies program; Chad Steele, How to Install a Backyard Pond;  Ellen Finnicum taught us Scrapbooking and Janet Dillon loaned us games for the “Minute to Win It.”  See what you missed? 

And, of course, a big thank you goes out to the entire community for your support through these trying financial times!  We are so fortunate to live in such a great community!  Thanks Carroll County and we’ll see you next summer!

Cindy Ray

Carroll County District Library

To the Editor:
The Carrollton Warrior Booster Club would like to thank all the guys that turned out for the Men’s Steak Fry.  We had great attendance and a good time!  We would like to give a thank you to the Carrollton Civic Club for all the work in preparing our steaks, Carrollton Ace Hardware for the donation of the charcoal for the event, the Barber Shop on 9, and all the guys who helped on ticket sales.  The proceeds from the Men’s Steak Fry benefit “all” Carrollton Athletes through the general fund.  Thank you again to our community for your support of this event and our athletes.

Carrollton Warrior Booster Club
Gary Nist

To the Editor:
Wow!  What a great Summer Reading Club (SRC) this year and what a great community we live in!  With all the library budget cuts and financial woes, we were concerned that our SRC would not be as big and wonderful as it normally is, but we worried in vain. 

Our library patrons were so incredibly generous and chipped in with food, books, cash and their time and made it one of our best!  We had so much fun!  Our theme was “Make a Splash” and we certainly did!  We read books and more books and more books.  We made crafts, played games and ate Pirate Pleasin’ Vittles!  We raced our Worms and had a world class “Splash” in the bookmobile garage!  We have so many people to thank, it’s hard to know where to start.

John Schaffer started us off right as he has done for many years, with his fun music and songs for our Kick Off: Thank You!  We want to thank McDonald’s.  Every year they donate hundreds of cheeseburgers, fries and hamburger happy meals to us; we couldn’t do the program without them!  Thanks to Wendy’s for the Frostys!  Who doesn’t love those?  John and Belinda Mach loaned us so many wonderful decorations!  Inflatables, wall décor, ocean creature and all types of cool, fun stuff - thank you!  Nancy Owen and her Amazing Birds - and Bat!  We love her!  Denise Burnworth for teaching us to make fantastic “Fuzzy Flip Flops”.  We all are still wearing them!  Our Funny, Fantastic, Fabulous Grandmas:  Ethel Katoll, Myrna Nelson, and Kate Finnicum.  Every year, they help the crafts come together and man the Glitter Station and make it look easy and organized!  No small feat!  Madison Yockey was our first Guest Reader and has been our Guest Reader for 4 years now - unbelievable.  She is great!  She reads with such style and enthusiasm!  Jessi Cramer and Kyleigh Ash are following in Madison’s footsteps and were great Guest Readers this year, too.   Brittany Rohr, the Jr. Dairy Princess came and read to us here and on the World Famous Bookmobile, and shared what life is like on a dairy farm for a Dairy Princess - she still has to clean out stalls!  Skye Meek was our final Guest Reader and she thrilled us with her style and sense of fun!   What a great crop of readers!  Joyal Pittman, a true friend of the library and storyteller extraordinaire, came and shared her great stories with us, too.   All the parents and grandparents and other wonderfully generous library and bookmobile friends who bought the “Make a Splash” bags, donated books, money, food and so much more - Thank You!  We are truly blessed to live in such a caring, sharing community. 

Thanks to everyone and if we forgot someone, please remember, we’re all old and forgetful here at the library, so please accept our apologies and our sincere thank you. Have an AWESOME day!!  

Marcia Schaffer
Ruth Warrington
Roberta Doak
Carroll County District Library

To the Editor:
We would like to extend a sincere thanks to the numerous people who contributed to another successful Jr. Fair Sale and Buyers Appreciation Dinner. Thank you to our buyers for their continued generosity and support! Thank you to our auctioneers Bill Newell, Gene Kiko, Wayne Falb, Mike Schmuck, Bill Birney, Mike Lozier, Don Lozier and E. Leroy VanHorne for donating their time. Thank you to the local businesses that donated supplies for the Buyers Appreciation Dinner, including Thorne’s Marketplace, Kishman’s IGA (Gas N’ Go) and Tractor Supply Company. Many thanks to the families, 4-H Clubs and Carrollton FFA for their donations of meat, chips, cookies, money and helping hands to make our Buyers Dinner enjoyable for everyone. We also want to thank the ringmen and the countless number of volunteers who work hard to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Cara Borland
Jr. Fair Sale Committee

To the Editor:
I would like to thank the individuals and businesses who not only sponsored, but supported the Carroll County Fair Royalty Contest for the 2010 Carroll County Fair.

First and foremost, thanks to the young ladies and men who took the time and care enough about our county and fair to participate in this contest. We are so blessed to have such excellent candidates for Fair Royalty, as it was a very difficult decision for the judges, who felt any one of the candidates was worthy of being selected to be a member of the court. These teens were all phenomenal and must be commended on their outstanding achievements over the past years and the wonderful characters they brought into this contest. They make all of us proud to be citizens of this county.

I would like to thank Adele Canestraro-Valazques of Russell Jewelers in Minerva for donating the tiaras; Lion’s Den Sport Shop of Minerva for donating the king and runners-up monogrammed ball caps; Mrs. Richard C. (Barb) Walton for donating the court’s sashes; Bud’s Flowers and Gifts for creating the court’s and contestant’s floral bouquets and boutonnieres, given by the Suburban Garden Club; Carrollton FFA Alumni and Atty. Christine Falconer for sponsoring the queen and king’s chairs; Carroll County Fair Board for donating the queen and king’s trophies; BW Auto Wrecking/ Deluxe Body for the runners-up plaques; Carroll County Prosecuting Attorney Donald Burns Jr., Probate Judge and Mrs. John Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Sean (Michelle) Speedy, Common Pleas Judge and Mrs. Dominick  Olivito Jr., Recorder Patricia Oyer, Municipal Court Judge and Mrs. Gary Willen, Jeff, Shelley and Brock Albaugh, Dr. Gregory A. Fair, Allmon-Dugger- Cotton Funeral Home, Maple Cotton Funeral Home and Ambulance Service, Hair Gallery, Steven D. Barnett and the fair board for the queen and king’s savings bonds;  Tom and Marlene Wilson and Dean and Donna Ott for donating the queen’s 160th Carroll County Fair collectable basket; Carroll County Commissioner Tom Wheaton and Dave’s Diner for donating the king and runners-up cooler bags; Ashton’s 5 & 10 Store and Holiday Shoppe, Ponderosa Steakhouse, Gionino’s Pizzeria and Wendy’s for donating gift certificates for the court; Days Inn for donating pool passes for the king and queen; Rodney and Connie Days family for donating a necklace for the queen and John and Terry Dendak of Custom Creations Jewelry, Sales, Design and Repair for donating and pearl necklace for the queen; and Joe and Rose Seck, Tippy’s Hauling Service, Martha Jones, Mark and Karla Wells, Pizza Hut, Dru Moore and Jay and Tay Johnson for the court and contestant’s baskets, cooler bags and gift bag contents.

Thanks also to Tammy Sanderson and the Senior Fair Board members and employees, Dave and Jana Davis, Bethany Drake, Wes Frew, judges, 2009 Fair Queen Jordan Morsheiser, Rose Seck, John Ryser and Bill Stoneman, 2008 Fair Queen Michelle Bryan and my fantastic family of Barb Walton (my mom) and Debbie, Kacie and Mark Wells for all their assistance, direction and promotion. Without them, this contest would not have been possible.

I look forward to working on this contest again and welcome any assistance, donations, comments or suggestions.

Karla Wells
Royalty Contest coordinator
Carrollton, OH 



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