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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:
Lest we forget
When I did my tour during the Vietnam War, there were protests going on against war here in the states and it seemed as though the media was blaming our service men and women for the war and the conduct of the war.

This alone was not a very good send off knowing that many of our peers did not approve of what you thought was your duty.

When I reached Vietnam, they were in the middle of elections. I observed skirmishes between parties who thought their person was the best suited to run their country. I also saw pamphlets handed out to the local citizens by the Vietcong that told them, “If you vote, you’re dead.”

It told the local citizens their polling places were zeroed in by their rockets and they would be blown up if they voted. In spite of this threat of death, I observed lines that appeared to be a quarter of a mile long waiting to vote. After observing this, I became convinced that maybe they didn’t know what they wanted, but they knew what they did not want. They did not want Communism. This convinced me, regardless of what was going on back home, we were there for a great cause, trying to stop Communism spread throughout Southeast Asia.

Seven years after the Vietnam War, a poll was made of the survivors that showed 91 percent were glad they served their country and 89 percent agreed with the statement “Our troops were asked to fight in a war which our political leaders in Washington would not let us win.”

Nine million men and women served in the military during the Vietnam War, three million of whom went to the Vietnam Theater. Two-thirds of these were volunteers and 73 percent of those who died were volunteers. While some attention has been given to the plight of our prisoners of war, there has been little recognition of how brutal the war was for those who fought in on the battlefield.

The criticism they received upon returning home was not from the World War II generation, but from the very elite in their age group who supposedly spoke for them.

Hanoi has since admitted that 1.4 million of its soldiers died on the battlefield compared to 58,000 total U.S. dead. We have interviewed North Vietnamese generals who state if we had continued bombing the north for one more month, they would have given up.

Guess why we quit bombing them.

Let us all plead with our politicians to not put too many restrictions on our present day warriors in Afghanistan and Iraq. They need our support. They are not to be forgotten. Keep them in your prayers.

Charles Pearson
American Legion Post 375
Malvern, OH

To the Editor:
The Republicans have given their pledge to America and it outlines what they intend.

1. Cut spending and taxes, but boost defense.

2. Put the government on the path to a balanced budget and pay down the debt.

3. Set benchmarks for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

4. This is the Social Security proposal. All workers under 55 would have the option of investing part of their taxes on their own, with a lower guaranteed Social Security benefit when they retire but the hope of investment gains. Better-off retirees of the future would face lower benefits than they are currently guaranteed, the age of retirement to receive full benefits would rise to 67 in 2026 and to 70 by the next century.

I have some questions I would like them to answer.

1. How can you cut spending and taxes and still support a military?

2. How can you pay down the debt when the military is spending almost $1 trillion per year now?

I will now pose another question:

How can you change Social Security for the younger generation by having them pay half of their Social Security into investments and the other half to the federal government? You know if we have another financial meltdown, all the investments will diminish considerably.

While I am proposing questions to be answered, here is one for Ohio Politicians: You want to cut money for education and you plan to then establish private academies to educate children, how do we pay for this? If we can’t pay for public education for all, then how do we pay for a few? I thought the U.S. was a country for all.

Ralph Lloyd
Carrollton, OH

To the Editor:
We would like to express our sincere “Thanks” to all who were involved in helping make our Band Extravaganza a huge success: Linda Peoples, concessions; Diane Tubaugh, gates; Charles A. Johnston, master of ceremonies; Dave Davis, opening remarks; Toby Davis & Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3301, American Legion Post 428 & D.A.V. Chapter 85 for flag raising, Major Miller and the JROTC, presentation of colors; Don Minor, Ike & Isaac Hennebert, JROTC & Boy Scout Troop #141, parking;
Shared Systems Technology (SST), radios for parking; Barb Walton, Chris Jacobs & Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison Solid Waste District, safety vests; Jen Minor & Girl Scout Troop #225, trash pick up; Bruce & Patty Ohler for pulling the bandit everywhere, Coleen Anderson & the EMT’s, Lt. Roy Ludy & the Sheriff’s Department, Gionino’s Pizza and all the band parents for your hard work of chaperoning or working in the concession stand.
Thank you to the following bands for coming to participate in our band show:

Conotton Valley Rocket Marching Band, Minerva Lions Marching Band, Tusky Valley Trojans Marching Band and Alliance Aviators Marching Band.

Thanks also to Dave Dickerhoof, band director; Heather Shive & Art Glenn, assistant band directors; Haley Pastircak, danceline instructor; Andrew Garay, percussion instructor; and the following Band Boosters: Beth Devitt, president; Jen Minor, vice president; Melanie Husted, treasurer; Trenna Parsons, secretary; and Paula Patterson, uniform coordinator.

Warrior Band Show Committee

To the Editor:
This past Friday night, anyone who went to Canton South to watch the Warriors play football was in for a treat.

Thank you to the Carrollton Warrior Football Team for your performance Friday night. What an exciting and hard-fought game. People, can, coulda, woulda and shoulda they want, but I have not enjoyed a football game more thoroughly since San Francisco beat Cincinnati in the last 40 seconds of Super Bowl XXIII. Congratulations team and thank you again for a very amazing and extremely well played football game.

Anitra Smith
Carrollton, OH

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