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September 19, 2006
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Dellroy principal addresses legislators on wellness program

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September 19, 2006

Pat Lamielle
Patty Lamielle

Dellroy's elementary school principal Patty Lamielle spoke on the Carrollton Exempted Village School District's (CEVSD) wellness policy to Ohio lawmakers at a recent state legislative briefing held Sept. 13 in Columbus.

Speaking at the Children's Hunger Alliance, Mrs. Lamielle spoke on the progress made with Carrollton schools implementing the Wellness  program, highlighting the new "Grab 'n Go" breakfasts being offered at the Carrollton complex, Dellroy, Bell-Herron Middle School, Augusta, Willis and Harlem Springs elementary schools.

The briefing was held to discuss the School Wellness policy which is a direct result of the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004.

Since the Grab 'n Go program began last year, Mrs. Lamielle said the breakfast participation has increased 38.5%.

"Research shows that eating breakfast improves test scores, daily attendance and class participation," Mrs. Lamielle said.

"Pop machine use has been curtailed in every building with timers placed on every machine available to students. Health options have been added to the machines, including diet soda, low fat milk and water," she added.

Mrs. Lamielle also told the legislators that all district teachers have been encouraged to eliminate sugary and high carb treats in the classroom. Parents are also being asked to send in healthy snacks for treats and traditional bake sale items are being replaced with fruit, nuts, pretzels, raisins and fat free snacks, she noted.

"Exercise breaks throughout the school day are strongly encouraged and some teachers are using a program called "Take 10", a classroom based physical activity program using fun, age appropriate physical exercise lessons that take 10 minutes to complete," the Principal stated.

Mrs. Lamielle explained that a new policy in the CEVSD this year strongly discourages the use of withholding recess as a punishment. "In fact, teachers are being encouraged to provide extra recess, when possible. Walking and exercise programs before school have begun in Bell-Herron Middle School, Carrollton, Dellroy and Harlem Springs elementary schools," she said.

Students are invited to "Walk with the Principal" at Dellroy elementary school prior to breakfast and the start of the school day, she pointed out.

Mrs. Lamielle said a number of schools in the CEVSD have started faculty/staff weight loss and exercise programs. This year, a new high school organization will be formed called "Teen Advocates for Health Awareness". Students will promote and raise awareness for good nutrition and exercise for students in all buildings, Mrs. Lamielle said.

Others taking part in the program included Bill Dolan, Chief Executive Officer of Children's Hunger Alliance; Shelly Roth, vice president of Afterschool Nutrition, Children's Hunger Alliance and chairman of the Ohio Action for Healthy Kids; Bill West, regional consultant for Child Nutrition programs for the Ohio Department of Education; Brigett Hines, assistant director of School Meals for the Ohio Department of Education, and Jenny Robertson, public policy manager for Children's Hunger Alliance.

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