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“Death Takes a Holiday” to be staged this week at Carrollton

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Carrollton High School’s Speech and Drama Department will present the three-act play, “Death Takes a Holiday” this Friday and Saturday, Nov. 16 and 17, in the Bell-Herron Middle School auditorium.

Tickets are $8 and may be purchased during the school day in the Fine arts hallway at Carrollton High School or at the door.

The production, under the direction of Ron and Alzana Nuzzolillo, began as an Alberto Casello play from the 1920s that was made into a 1934 film starring Fredric March as Death, disguised as a debonair nobleman.

The original film was remade in 1998 as “Meet Joe Black,” starring Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins.

In the CHS production, the character Death is played by Caleb Devitt, a senior. Sick of himself of scythe wielding, Devitt decides to take a weekend off and assumes a human guise to mingle with mortals and see things from the other side of the great divide. The loneliest of souls arrives at an Italian villa disguised as a handsome young Prince and for the first time experiences the joys and heartbreaks of life.

But when he unexpectedly falls in love with a newly engaged young woman Grazia (played by Morgan Harsh, a junior), the mysterious stranger discovers that love may in fact be stronger than death.

Assuming the mortal form of Prince Nikolai Sirki, Devitt proceeds to bewitch young Grazia and fascinates the Hollywood Diva Alda (played by Lexie Kilgore, a junior), Rhoda Fenton (Savannah Harris, a junior), the wife of Major Eric Fenton (Isaac Ornousky, a senior), the Baron (Noah Gray, sophomore) and Major Whitread (Thomas Kinney, sophomore).

Among the less entrances are Grazi’s mother (junior Sky Meek), Grazia’s fiancé (sophomore Joe Newell) and his family, Duchess Stephanie Lamberti (senior Alyssa Jones) and Duke Vittorio Lamberti (senior Zac Tinlin), who alone knows the Prince’s secret.

Rounding out the cast are Olivia Albrecht, Josh Aston, Jessie Bowman, Crystal Colvin, Nicole Grisez, Autumn Keller, Bradley Miley, Anna Truman, Abbie Vandegrift, Kayla Wade, Austin Weary and Cathy Weyand.

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“Death Takes a Holiday” to be staged this week at Carrollton