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Scholarships totaling $30,200 awarded to Malvern seniors

FPS staff report

Scholarships totaling $30,200 have been awarded to 18 members of Malvern High School’s class of 2013. They included:

Ohio Association of Public School Employees Local 772  awarded to Abby Wood.

COAD David V. Stivison  Caitlyn Byrd;
Rotary Club  Caitlyn Byrd;

Howard and Edith Robertson Charitable Trust – Dylan Wolfe, Dolly Rinehart and Connie Meenan;

Ohio Foreign Language Association  Caitlyn Byrd and Victor Collins;

American Red Cross scholarship Connie Meenan and Abby Wood;

Lake Mohawk Ski Club – Caitlyn Byrd;

The Newsleader scholarship – Elizabeth Miller;

Colfor Manufacturing, Inc. – Victor Collins and Connie Meenan;

Alpha Sorosis Women’s Club – Dolly Rinehart;

Carroll Electric Co-op – Lauren Hawkins and Dolly Rinehart;

Carroll County Dairy Promotion Board – Lauren Hawkins;

Jo Anne Fox Memorial Scholarship – Victor Collins and Paige Thompson;

American Legion Nursing – Courtney Swain;

John H. And Evelyn L. Ashton Memorial – Breanna Petty;

Thomas and Alpha Deckman scholarship – Austin Wadsworth;

Galay-Henderson scholarship – Victor Collins, Dolly Rinehart and Caitlyn Byrd;

Little Sandy Creek Rotary Club – Caitlyn Byrd;

The Ohio State Alumni-Carroll County – Caitlyn Byrd;

Daughters of the American Revolution – Lauren Hawkins;

Franklin B. Walter Award – Lauren Hawkins;

Ohio High School Athletic Association Excellence – Tanner Bower and Abby Wood;

Canton Lincoln Alumni Association – Dolly Rinehart;

Ohio High School Athletic Association Scholarship Athletic Award – Logan Smalley and Nick Mohr;

All Ohio 1st Team Basketball  Max Kapron;

District 5 Basketball Coaches Association scholarship – Logan Smalley;

Archie Griffin Award – Connie Meenan and Max Kapron;

Steve Mohr Memorial Scholarship – Tyler Fisk, Connor Smolinsky, Connie Meenan, Abby Wood, Dylan Wolfe, Caitlyn Byrd, Logan Smalley, Taylor Ferrell, Jordan Glick, McKenzie Richards, Dolly Rinehart, Lauren Hawkins, Tanner Bower, Max Kapron, Victor Collins, Ashley Patterson and Nick Mohr.

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Scholarships totaling $30,200 awarded to Malvern seniors