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Sandy Valley board hires Dayton firm to review HVAC deficiencies at its schools

FPS staff report

The Sandy Valley Board of Education has hired a Dayton firm because of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) deficiencies at the school.

At the Dec. 10 meeting, the Board approved an emergency resolution to select STAN Engineers as the consultant to review the HVAC deficiencies at the Sandy Valley elementary and middle/high school buildings.

According to the resolution, the firm is to identify necessary retrofits to the make-up air units to provide active dehumidification to the three heat pump units at the elementary building.

The resolution also requires STAN to prepare drawings and specifications for the retrofits to address the HVAC deficiencies in all three district buildings at a total cost of $27,772.

In a separate resolution, the Board retained the services of Mays Consulting & Evaluation Services (MCES) of Akron to evaluate the building envelope system and determine the basis for moisture infiltration at Sandy Valley Middle/High School building.

The firm is also to evaluate the November 2012 Leak Investigation report prepared by MCES identifying deficiencies with the masonry through-wall flashing system and a recommendation that the system be replaced for an amount not to exceed $16,850.

In other business, the Board:
- APPROVED a revised classified sub rate index ranging from 0 to 15 years of experience;

- APPROVED the 2013-14 school calendar with classes beginning Aug. 19 and ending May 30;

- APPROVED student fundraisers which include a bake sale and a Pie in the Face fundraiser by the high school Students Against Destructive Decisions, a candy cane sale by the middle school Student Council and candy bar sales for the Prom Committee.

- ACCEPTED the semi-annual update of Board policy changes for statutory compliance, including an athletic transportation policy and additions of the athletic code of conduct;

- APPROVED joining the Ohio School Boards Association Legal Assistance fund for the 2013 calendar year;

- HELD a 1 1/2-hour executive session to consider employment of a public official with no action;

- APPOINTED Dennis Corsi as president pro tem for the Jan. 14, 2013, Board of Education organizational meeting;

- HEARD a report from School Supt. David Janofa in which he said notification has been received from the Senior Director of Battelle for Kids that Sandy Valley Middle School has been recognized for very high growth in student achievement.

Janofa also reported on the status of refunding of bonds with the first round scheduled to go on the market Dec. 13.

The Superintendent briefed the Board on a meeting of the administration and four students to discuss strategies to improve the school’s Advanced Placement program.

He also noted a district technology meeting held recently to periodically analyze the school district’s technology needs and assess the service being provided to students and staff.

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Sandy Valley board hires Dayton firm to review HVAC deficiencies at its schools