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CHS government students hold mock election

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Carrollton High school senior government students followed the same trend nationally as Carroll County, but chose different county officials for commissioner in a mock election held Nov. 5 at CHS.

Under the direction of Mrs. Marcia Folk, social studies teacher at CHS, 138 students chose to vote, but not all voted on every candidate/issue, Mrs. Folk said.

She also noted the students did not vote on offices with only one candidate.

The CHS mock election winners were:
President  Barack Obama, Democrat, received 67 votes or 49%; Mitt Romney, Republican, 60 votes, 43%; Ricky Johnson, Libertarian, 5 votes, 4%; Virgil Goode, Constitution, 2 votes, 1%; Jill Stein, Green party, 2 votes, 1%; Stewart Alexander, Socialist, 1 vote, 1%.

U. S. Senator – Josh Mandel, Republican, 70 votes, 51%; Sherrod Brown, Democrat, 60 votes, 44%; Scott Rupert, Nonparty, 7. 5%.

Representative to Congress (6th District) – Bill Johnson, Republican, 68 votes, 49%; Charlie Wilson, Democrat, 64 votes, 46%.

State Senator (30th District) – Lou Gentile, Democrat, 70 votes, 51%; Shane Thompson, Republican, 66 votes, 48%.

State Representative (95th District) – Charlie Daniels, Democrat, 70 votes, 51%; Andy Thompson, Republican, 67 votes, 49%.

County Commissioner – David Flanary, Democrat, 78 votes, 57%; Robert Wirkner, Republican, 54 votes, 39%.

Sheriff – Dale Williams, Democrat, 115 votes, 83%; Eric Stanbro, no party listed, 20 votes, 14%.

Justice of Supreme Court – Terrence O’Donnell, 71 votes, 51%; Mike Skindell, 60 votes, 43%.

Justice of Supreme Court Sharon Kennedy, 79 votes, 57%; Yvette Brown, 53 votes, 38%.

Judge of Court of Appeals (7th District) – Mary DeGenaro, 65 votes, 47%; Mark Hanni, 64 votes, 46%.

State Issue 1 – No, 94 votes, 68%; yes, 31 votes, 22%.

State Issue 2 – No, 71 votes, 51%; Yes, 56 votes, 41%.

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