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Autism Unit at Dellroy elementary updates flower beds at front of school

FPS staff report

Students enrolled in the Autism Unit at Dellroy elementary school have completed a project that is improving the look of the front of the facility.

Teacher Angie Kintigh was looking for a project that would show off the talents of the students in her classroom.  With lots of thoughts in mind, her class decided to update the flower beds on the front side of the school building.  “We took a walk outside to look at the front of the building and the flower beds, and one student, Ellis Durbin, described the flower beds as “a desert!”she said. “He was very correct.” 

Due to recent repairs to be building, all of the plants were torn out; the only plants growing were a few daffodil bulbs and a couple plants that were planted a while ago.  So, we decided this would be our project, states Miss Kintigh.

“As a class, we discussed all the work that would go into making the front of our school look beautiful again.  We talked about what types of tools we would need and what flowers we would want to plant.  Our goal was to plant some flowers and make a small vegetable garden while learning about all the necessary steps to take when planting,” Kintigh explained.

Knowing she would need some assistance with financing for the project, she contacted William Bell; that’s when the project started to soar.  “Mr. Bell not only gave a personal donation but spread the word to others and in turn, we received very gracious donations that have lead to a very successful project!  Without the help of Mr. Bell, our project may have not been such a success,” she said.

The students spent time digging up the dirt, deciding which plants to buy and which area to plant them, planting bulbs and seeds, marking areas and watering.  The students will continue their project by mulching the beds (mulch donated by Mark Haymaker) soon.  “This has been an amazing project for the kids; they have really enjoyed themselves and are very proud of how the front of our building looks.  In all, we planted numerous plants, over 200 bulbs and many different types of flower seeds.  We also planted four small vegetable gardens containing a variety of items we will hopefully get to harvest in August,” the teacher stated.

In addition to Bell (the father of three Carrollton students), other donors included: Jill Lane and Kevin Hudson with Staples Advantage; Mark Haymaker, Haymaker Tree and Lawn in Jackson Township; Steve Dobbratz, Zerox; West Chester Holdings, Donzell’s Greenhouse and Garden Center, Mark Miller with North Canton Home Depot, Goodings Nursery, Laura Albrecht and Griffiths Greenhouse.

“This project has just been amazing for my class,” Kintigh said.  “The students all have such great talents and we are proud to show them off!”

Kintigh recognized the work of class aides Lorrie Naylor and Dee Harter for all the work they put into it also; and Melina Bell for donating her time to plant flowers. 

“This is a project the kids will never forget. Let’s our Autism Unit and community shine,” she concluded.

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Autism Unit at Dellroy elementary updates flower beds at front of school

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