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Minerva board accepts retirement resignations

FPS staff report

Five resignations were accepted and several certificated and classified contracts were approved for the 2010-11 school year by the Minerva Local Board of Education at its April 19 meeting.

Resignations included the retirement notice of John Admonious as Transition Coordinator effective May 31 who has 24 years of service with the Minerva Local Schools and 34 years in education; Kevin Vincent, Maintenance Coordinator, effective April 30; Holly McCully, kindergarten teacher who is retiring May 31 with 32 years with the school district; Carolyn Evans, 4-hour cafeteria worker who is retiring June 30 with 25 years of service to the school district, and Judy Wood, secretary to the Superintendent who is retiring June 30 and who has 30 years of service to the school district.

A retirement reception to recognize the retiring staff will be held Wednesday, May 26, from 3:30 to 5 p.m. at Minerva Middle School cafetorium.

Certificated contract renewals approved by the Board for the 2010-11 school year included the following:

One-year limited contracts - Jennifer White, guidance counselor at Minerva High School (MHS); Emily Coldwell, language arts teacher at MHS; Kimberly Davis, Intervention Specialist teacher at MHS; Laura Kingbury, Spanish teacher at MHS; Kelly Flanigan, kindergarten teacher at Minerva Elementary school (MES); Darlene Janson, primary intervention specialist teacher at MES; Andrea Long and Amanda McVay, both primary teachers at MES; Tory Richeon, intermediate teacher at MES, and Katrina Timmerman, kindergarten teacher at MES.

Three-year limited contracts - Danna Casto, intervention specialist at MHS; Janice Nieto, consumer science at teacher at MHS; Stacy Peters, science teacher at MHS; Kevin Russell, math teacher at MHS, and Christy Yeagley, primary teacher at MES.

Five-year limited contracts - Robin Welch, technology integration specialist; Brett Yeagley, social studies/language arts teacher at MHS; Sean Kocher and Dale Soles, both Middle grades teachers at Minerva Middle School (MMS); Kristine Daulbaugh, primary teacher at MES; Jaynie Galay, intermediate teacher at MES; Karen Johnson, primary teacher at MES, and Lauren Syverson, primary teacher at MES.

New continuing contracts for 2009-10 - Matthew Leatherberry, math teacher at MHS; Matthew Fiegenschuh, intervention specialist at MMS, and Nikkie Wike, primary teacher, MES.

In other action, the Board:

- APPROVED a request of Michael Zellers to be re-assigned to an Intervention tutor position at MHS for the 2010-11 school year.

- APPROVED a maternity leave for Aimee Davis, school psychologist from May 24 through Aug. 13.

- NON-RENEWED the following personnel contracts: Susan Keister, partial contract of ACT pre; Kathryn Hannen, intervention specialist teacher at MES; Susan Zifer, Read 180 teacher at MES; Zachry Hensley, At Risk tutor/physical education teacher at MHS; Adam Smith, intervention specialist tutor at MHS; Lisa Emrich, intervention specialist tutor at MMS; Jon McCully and Joni Anderson, both intervention specialist tutors at MES; Robert Carl, At risk tutor at MES; Lyndsey Bednar, Michelle Deem, Rebecca Donant, Susan Goebeler, Michael Groholy, Chad Hilliard, Sherri Imler and Mikka Ray, all Title 1 tutors at MES.

- APPROVED a family medical leave for Paula Nape, a kindergarten aide at MES.

- NON-RENEWED the contracts of Sheri Rodgers, special education aide; Charlie Johnson, bus driver, and Phillip Dulaney, special education aide.

- APPROVED continuing contracts for John Williams, custodian at MHS; Damin Clapper, custodian at MMS; Michele Lewis-Fitz, 4-hour cafeteria worker at MMS, and Amanda Festemaker, playground aide at MES.

- APPROVED Todd Weidland as a substitute bus driver.

- APPROVED Mark Diels, Troy Richeson and Jon Rodgers as school van drivers.

- EMPLOYED David Gotschall as head soccer coach, and Shawn Riley as head volleyball coach.

- APPROVED a lease/purchase of a new IC (International) 78-passenger bus at a cost of $76,579.

- APPROVED summer school offerings of physical education and PLATO (course recovery).

- LEARNED the summer reading program will be offered again this year to provide intervention to prepare students to take the third grade reading and math achievement test. The program will be available to students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

- APPROVED a list of 160 graduating seniors for graduation set for May 30.

- APPROVED the annual senior trip to Cedar Point May 28.

- APPROVED the out-of-state professional leave for Molly Winters to accompany Conor Freeland to the International Science and Engineering Fair in San Jose, CA May 9-14.

- LEARNED from School Supt. Dr. Douglas Marrah the Dr. Robert Hines Stadium has been selected for the Pioneer Athletics’ 2009 Field of Excellence award.

- HEARD Dr. Marrah report Minerva High School was one of three schools awarded the Science Excellence award at the recent District 12 Science Day where Conor Freeland was one of four area students selected to go to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in San Jose, CA May 9-14.

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