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Developmental Disabilities superintendent reports on conference

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Supt. Matt Campbell updated the Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities on a winter conference he attended March 11 in Dublin at the board’s March 28 meeting.

Campbell noted Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Director John L. Martin reported on negotiations to reduce intermediate care facility beds by 1,200. Martin also said stakeholders are requesting more money, there are 11,053 new waivers, and developmental center beds have decreased by 500.

Martin also noted county boards have increased in sharing services and utilizing positive culture.

Campbell said Martin asked if it is time to have a discussion about the system’s direction.

Other topics of interest were Obama care, expansions of Medicaid in Ohio, Public Employee Retirement System benefits for contracted employees and litigation defense.

“Management is currently working on ways to improve transition and community employment services,” Martin said.

Campbell noted Carroll Hills School Principal Alicia Hall has come up with an idea for Job Exploration Training (JET) for five weeks this summer possibility from June 17 to July 26.

“We are currently establishing business locations where some students and adults will work for a half day twice a week at a business and the other half of the day work on employment skills,” Campbell stated.
He also advised the board that Carroll Hills School, Carroll Hills Industries and Carroll Hills administration offices now have a buzz system at the main entrances for extra security.

“Lock down procedures will be practiced again soon due to the addition of deadbolt locks and phones for classrooms and work areas,” he added.

During the business meeting, the Board:
- APPROVED payment of $630.50 for February bills in the hot lunch fund;

- APPROVED payment of $57,907.45 for February bills in the Carroll County Board of DD general funds account;

- APPROVED payment of $4,405.60 for February bills in the residential services fund;

- APPROVED five Ethics Council recommendation applications for Family Selected services;

- SET the next regular meeting for April 25 at 5:30 p.m. at the administration building at 1182 Roswell Rd. NW, Carrollton.

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