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Plan to measure Ohio school districts discussed at Carrollton meeting

By Carol McIntire

The plan to measure school districts academic performance with letter grades was discussed during the December meeting of the Carrollton Exempted Village School District Board of Education.

The system would replace the five-tier system districts now earn including Excellent, Effective, Continuous Improvement, Academic Watch and Academic Emergency.

Superintendent Dr. David Quattrochi outlined the details of House Bill 555, which was approved by the Ohio Senate Dec. 12 and previously approved by the Ohio House. The Senate made some changes so the House must approve them before the measure goes to Governor John Kasich for his signature.

Under the terms of the bill, school districts would earn letter grades – A through F –based on 15 performance measures, beginning with the 2014-15 school year.

For the 2012-13 and 2013-14 school years, districts will be assigned letter grades in the following areas but will not be given an overall grade: 1.) Closing the achievement gap; 2.) Achievement; 3.) Value added progress; 4.) Graduation rate: 5.) Kindergarten through third grade literacy; and 6.) measures that assess college and career readiness.

Quattrochi said many school administrators are concerned with the changes in light of several others and feel districts should have more time to plan for the change.

“As always, the new legislation comes without any funding,” Quattrochi said.  “We will now be graded on gifted programs as well as college and dual credit courses.   We are fortunate that we have several colleges and universities close to our district which many other rural districts don’t have. Under these new standards, districts aren’t required to have separate gifted programs, however they will be graded on progress made by gifted students.”

Board Member Bonnie Little added in her legislative report that the Ohio Department of Education is in favor of the new system saying it will focus more on closing the achievement gaps which are critical for Ohio’s success and allow districts more time to prepare for the higher standards required under the use of the Common Core Standards.

In other business, the board:
-RECEIVED a report of the 3rd grade reading scores from the district. Carrollton Elementary Principal Albrecht said the average scored in the state is 407, which is proficient. As a district, Carrollton’s rating was 406, which is proficient. Individual building scores were 413 for Dellroy, 406 for Augusta and 403 for Carrollton.

-HEARD Treasurer Roxanne Mazur report the district is halfway through the fiscal year and she will revisit the forecast to track expenditures and made adjustments as necessary.

-SET the annual budget hearing for Jan. 8 at 5:45 p.m. in the Fine Arts room.

-ABOLISHED a three and three-quarter hour classroom aide position at Dellroy school effective Nov. 21 because the student transferred.
-APPROVED  a request for Family and Medical Leave for Kelli Pridemore, a vo-ag teacher, from Nov. 19 through Jan. 2, 2013.

-APPROVED an overnight trip for the CHS Speech team Jan. 11-12 to attend a tournament at Sylvania North High School.

-APPOINTED Jeffrey Shipman as a substitue teacher and Allison Clay as a substitute classified employee for the 2012-13 school year effective Dec. 12.
-APPROVED membership in the Ohio School Board Association’s Legal Fund at cost of $250 for the 2013 year.

-AWARDED a high school diploma to Larry Tyler Carmen who successfully completed the requirements for graduation.

-HEARD various board members compliment the vocal music department and football staff for their efforts at recent events.

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