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New contract with classified employees approved at Edison Local

FPS staff report

A new two-year contract with the 58 classified employees of the Edison Local School District has been approved.

The negotiated pact with Chapter 035 of the Ohio Association of Public School Employees union was approved at the Nov. 19 meeting of the Edison School Board and includes no salary increases and the same insurance benefits and co-paid premiums, according to Dennis Menoski, Board treasurer.

In other business, the Board:
- APPROVED an Interagency transition agreement for pre-school classes with the Jefferson County Help Me Grow.

- APPROVED a change to the administrative guidelines by adding the assistant superintendent’s position to the Superintendent’s as complaint coordinators;

- ACCEPTED a donation of $1,500 from the Bergholz Community Foundation for John Gregg elementary school;

- ACCEPTED  a donation of land from the Jefferson County Engineer’s Department for a right-of-way to expand the bridge on Co. Rd. 75A near John Gregg elementary school;

- APPROVED  payment of $20,000 for the Weirton High School bleachers that were installed at Edison High School;

- APPROVED repairs on the metal roof at Edison High School at a cost of $23,000;

- AMENDED the board policy regarding graduation requirements extending academic credits from 20 to 21;

- APPROVED the payment of bills totaling $959,632;

- HEARD Supt. William Beatty report the school levy on the November ballot failed by 31 unofficial votes.
December Meeting

At the Dec. 10 meeting, the Board:
- ACCEPTED the resignation of Todd Smith as junior high wrestling coach;

- APPROVED membership in the Ohio School Boards Association’s Legal Assistance fund at a cost of $250;

- REVISED a policy and administrative guideline regarding class rank for sophomores, juniors and seniors changing the third report period to the fourth for seniors;

- APPROVED bills totaling $948,030;

- HEARD Supt. William Beatty report an increase of nine new students over the past month and a shortage of $35,000 on the pay to participate costs for the 20 extra curricular events based on transportation and other costs;

- SET the reorganizational meeting for Jan. 7 at 7 p.m. at Stanton High School in Hammondsville.

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