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Board of Developmental Disabilities approves new visitor policy

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The Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities has approved a new visitor policy for its three buildings within the county.

The policy, approved at the Board’s Nov. 29 meeting, includes a purpose, definition of a visitor and staff and 11 procedures which a visitor must follow when visiting any of the three buildings, which include Carroll Hills School on SR 9, Carroll Hills Workshop on High St. NW in Carrollton and the administration building on SR 39, west of Carrollton.

The procedures include visitors giving the name of the person they would like to see, not being permitted free access to the building without the accompaniment of a staff member and a requirement to wear a visitor’s badge identifying them when spending extended periods of time in the building.

The Board also approved the 2013 operating budget totaling $4,125,400.

According to Business Manager Ray Heaston, the 2013 budget reflects an increase in expenses of $246,000 due to the bringing back the business model from the Mid-East Ohio Regional Council for supported living, room and board and the Target Case Management and waiver match.

In other business, the Board:
— APPROVED a resolution to pay the non-federal share of Medicaid expenditures amounting to $215,000;

— APPROVED a revised anti-harassment, anti-intimidation and anti-bullying policy for Carroll Hills School;
— VOTED to continue to pay 90% of their health care plan monthly premium costs for  65 employees whose share remain at 10%;
— APPROVED increasing sub workshop specialist and sub classroom aide rates from $7.75 to $8 per hour starting Jan. 1 to keep pace with the state minimum wage;
— APPROVED payment of $870.39 in the hot lunch fund;
— APPROVED payment of $13,594 in the Developmental Disabilities special levy fund;
— APPROVED payment of $24,100.51 in the Family Support Services account;
— APPROVED payment of $67,501.39 in the Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities general funds account;
— APPROVED the Ethics Council recommendation of one application for Family Selected Services;
— HEARD Supt. Matt Campbell inform the Board the 1-mill 10-year tax levy renewal was officially approved by a vote of 7,389 For and 5,610 against at the Nov. 6 general election.

— SET the next regular and reorganizational meeting for Jan. 24 at 5:30 p.m. at the administration building at 1182 Roswell Rd. NW, Carrollton.

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