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Instrumental, vocal music students set for Saturday’s District 8 contests

FPS staff report

Area high school instrumental and vocal music students are participating in the District 8 solo and ensemble music contests this Saturday at Massillon Washington High School and GlenOak High School.

Carrollton High School
Instrumental soloists entering the Massillon competition from Carrollton High School include:

Jay Stoneman and Sam Atkinson, both piano; Jenna McNutt, flute; Hope Crawford, oboe; Autumn Beamer and Makaela Bennett, both clarinet; Brynne Cross, bassoon; Austin Bregenzer, trombone; Ben Ocel, Jay Stoneman, Skye Meek, Dylan Hennebert and Jenna Glasure, all marimba; David Patterson and Ben Ocel, both snare drum.

A flute trio, saxophone quartet, two brass quartets and four percussion ensembles are entered in the ensemble competition, according to David Dickerhoof, CHS head band director.

Vocal music students entering the competition according to Mindy D. Domer, CHS vocal music director, include:

Soprano soloists – Jennifer Gotschall, Lindsay Patrick and Lydia Wiley.

Mezzo soprano soloists – Olivia Albrecht, Amy Bailey, Erin Green, Ashley Irwin, Autumn Keller, Alyssa Sellers and Anna Truman.

Alto Soloists  Kaitlyn Budinsky, Maya Byrd, Elizabeth Domer and Megan Dowell.

Baritone soloists  Evan Green, Thomas Kinney and Austin Peake.

Piano Soloists  Elizabeth Domer and Autumn Keller.

Vocal Ensembles

Chamber Soprano-Alto: Jennifer Gotschall, Liza Kirk, Jordan Schlabach and Lael Shields.

Ladies’ Soprano-Alto: Olivia Albrecht, Kaitlyn Budinsky, Eliza Days, Elizabeth Domer, Ashley Irwin, Autumn Keller, Jordan Newell, Anna Truman and Kayla Wade.

CHS Soprano-Alto: Kaitlyn Budinsky, Macy Miller, Baylee Rehfus and Kayla Sivets.

Mixed Tenor-Bass: Evan Green, Thomas Kinney, Kyle Koenitzer and Austin Peake.

Malvern High School
Vocal soloists entering the GlenOak competition from Malvern High School include:
Lauren Hawkins, Courtney Fotheringham and Shantae Teeters, all mezzo soprano; Kyla Moeglin, tenor; Emily Kaufman, Kiona Cooks and Taylor Kuhn, all alto; Emily Wolfe, soprano, and Braeden Thomas, bass.

Two ensembles are entering the ensemble competition. The first includes Lauren Hawkins, Emily Kaufman, Halee Frechette, Shantae Teeters, Kiona Cooks, Christina Berry and Christy McCracken. Members of the second ensemble are Kyle Moeglin, Braeden Thomas, Courtney Fotheringham, Emily Wolfe, Taylor Kuhn, Kayla Shepard, Kyla Hug, Landon Monter, Sethin Burrier and Jessica Nice, according to Mrs. Rebecca Carter, vocal music director at Malvern High School.

Minerva High School
Instrumental soloists from Minerva High School entering the Massillon competition include:

Jimmy Anderson, Brooke Lyons and Cody Marks, all alto saxophone; Evan Blitz, baritone saxophone; Emily Clark, Sarah Griffiths and Emily Dine, all clarinet; Morgan Studer and Breana Tompulis, both flute; Makenzie Jordan, French horn; Evan Blitz and Makenzie Jordan, both piano; Liza Lab, Micahla Livesay and Michael Repella, all tenor saxophone; Brady Cannon, Trent Gossett, Destiny Leyman, Isaac Michel, Ben Moran, Carley Smith and Erin Walters, all trombone; Layn Palmer and Jessica Stanik, both trumpet.

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