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Buckeye board elects president; Seck represents Carrollton

FPS staff report

Wes Hostetler has been elected president of the Buckeye Career Center Board of Education.

Hostetler, who represents the Strasburg School District, succeeds David Frantz, New Philadelphia School Districts’ representative.

During the Board’s organizational meeting held Jan. 15, members elected Susan Kaschak, representing the Tuscarawas Valley School District as vice president and set regular meetings for the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the board conference room.

The eight other Board members on the 11-member board and the school districts each represent are:

Rose Seck, Carrollton; Mark Farnsworth, Conotton Valley; Steven Brode, Newcomerstown; Charles Grandison, Claymont; Eli Hochstetler, East Holmes; Randy Longacher, Dover; Dick Marshall, Garaway, and Francis Picchetti, Indian Valley.

Buckeye Career Center Treasurer Carla Cooper and Supt. Roger Bond were authorized to perform certain duties and responsibilities and the Board established a service fund in the amount of $3,500.

The following committee assignments were accepted for 2013:

Superintendent/Treasurer Evaluation: Frantz, Kaschak and W. Hostetler.

Levy: Frantz, Picchetti, Kaschak;

Curriculum; Seck, Brode;

Audit/Finance: W. Hostetler, Farnsworth;

Records Retention: Grandison;

Finance: (Combined with audit);

Legislative Liaison: Brode, Frantz (alternate);

Negotiations and Personnel: Farnsworth;

Facilities: W. Hostetler, Brode, Longacher;

Policy: Picchetti, Seck, Frantz;

Legal Representatives; Marshall, E. Hochstetler.

During the Board’s regular meeting, members:
- APPROVED Macie Galigher as a substitute nurse for the remainder of the 2012-13 school year;

- APPROVED Steven Hoagland as a substitute;

- EMPLOYED the following adult education instructors: Suzette Dinger, computer testing; Tom Hackenbracht, John Oliver, Dale Swaldo, Scott Swaldo and Zach Swaldo, all heavy equipment, and Chad Schie, landscaping.

- EMPLOYED Julie Ronald and Elisabeth Yoder as ABLE/GED instructor and Cynthia Thompson as a substitute;

- ACCEPTED Dave Imer as a Skills USA advisor;

- ACCEPTED the resignation of Trenna Parsons as the GED/ABLE instructor for Carrollton effective Jan. 21;

- APPROVED to increase to the contract with the East Central Educational Service Agency in the approximate amount of $8,050 for an additional part-time instructor;

- ACCEPTED a donation by Gradall Industries, Inc. of New Philadelphia of approximately 6,000 lbs. of assorted salvage steel;

- APPROVED the 2013-14 school calendar for students beginning Aug. 19 (juniors) and Aug. 20 (seniors) and ending May 21;

- APPROVED the payment of bills totaling $1,095,983.47;

- LEARNED Jennifer Barnhart, a senior at Carrollton High School who is enrolled in the Natural Resources program, has been named Buckeye Career Center’s January Student of the Month;

- HEARD Supt. Roger Bond inform the Board some new building safety policies will be implemented Jan. 22 and discussed purchasing a new phone system from the oil and gas lease money that would provide a phone for each classroom.

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