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Brown Local board holds special meeting

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Due to a lack of a quorum of four at the Dec. 17 meeting of the Brown Local Board of Education, members held a special meeting Dec. 31 to rescind the Dec. 17 board action on a resolution to submit a bond issue and tax levy to the voters in May and revoted.

At the Dec. 31 meeting, four Board members were present and voted to approve a resolution declaring the necessity of submitting the single question of the issuance of school improvement bonds in the amount of $17,152,577 for the purpose of constructing a new school and a 0.5-mill tax levy for general permanent improvements within the school district.

Members present were Tami Hulit, Chad Browning, Ron Ruegg and Dechelle Thompson. Pastor Wally Anderson was absent.

This is basically the same additional tax levy that failed by only 60 votes at the November 2012 election.

However, the same bond issue request will require a lower millage rate due to recertification. According to Carroll County Auditor E. Leroy VanHorne, the $17,152,577 bond issue will require passage of an additional 6.7-mills as compared to the 6.8-mill requirement at the last election.

If approved the additional tax will amount to 67 cents per $100 of property valuation for the bond issue and five cents for the 0.5-mill levy (required by the state) or 71 cents for the combined for 36 years.

Brown Local School Supt. Connie Griffin said the new building will serve students in kindergarten through grade 12 and is estimated to cost $24,503,681 with the state providing $7,361,104 of that amount through the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission.

Money for the purchase of property has been budgeted and no additional levy will be needed for that purpose, she noted.

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