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One of the Best
Carrollton Schools Supt. Dr. David Quattrochi holding SOAR glass plaque award.

The Carrollton Exempted Village School District (CEVSD) was among 14 Ohio school districts and 15 Ohio schools honored with the Battelle for Kids 2012 Student Organization Achievement and Recognition (SOAR) award at the Ohio School Boards Association’s capital conference held last month in Columbus.

The award was accepted by Carrollton Schools Supt. David Quattrochi and Board of Education President Rose Seck, who along with School District Treasurer Roxanne Mazur attended the Columbus conclave. The award was presented by Acting Superintendent of Public Instruction Michael Sawyers.

The award is for significant progress made by the school district in one or more of the following three categories: School, district and Most Improved.

The annual award is designed to acknowledge Ohio schools and districts participating in SOAR, Battelle for Kids’ school improvement collaborative, for their academic progress in multiple grade levels and subjects over the 2011-12 school year. The CEVSD was rated Excellent with Distinction on the Ohio report Card last school year.

The 15 Ohio schools receiving the SOAR award for high progress was among 830 participating SOAR schools making exceptional growth with their students while the recipients of the Significant Progress District Award are among the top eight percent of districts out of 120 participating SOAR districts.

SOAR was launched in 2002 by Battelle for Kids as a statewide pilot to introduce value-added analysis to participating Ohio school districts and demonstrate how value-added information can improve teachers; and schools’ impact on student learning.

Over the past ten years, as the demands for higher expectations and results have increased, SOAR expanded its scope of services to become a comprehensive school improvement collaborative, offering an array of services, professional development and benefits to Ohio school districts.

Today, SOAR represents 120 Ohio school districts, approximately 30% of the state’s students in grades 3-8. SOAR is one of the country’s largest value-added initiatives and is a centerpiece of successful education reform on behalf of students.

Battelle for Kids is a national, not-for-profit organization that provides strategic counsel and innovative solutions for today’s complex educational-improvement challenges.

To qualify for a SOAR district award for significant progress, a school district must be among the top districts of all participating SOAR districts, based on district composite index. Grades 4-8 math and reading data is included in this analysis and grades 5 and 8 science data must show average or above average growth.

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One of the Best!
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