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In our SchoolsStudents in Mrs. Erb’s fourth grade class at Augusta have researched information regarding various countries around the world to create posters, reports and scrapbooks to share with classmates.

Students and teachers use a “Storyworks” publication to add to reading, language arts, social studies and science in the classroom. The monthly magazine offers fiction and non-fiction stories, poetry, language arts activities and on-line activities and contests. Students used an extended activity from a reading lesson that involved research of various countries.

Miriam Alexander, a foster grandparent at Augusta school, assisted students with their research. She collected additional library books for reference and provided poster board. She also helped them use the Internet to find additional information for their posters and reports.

Students presented oral reports in front of classmates and shared their information by hanging up the posters in the classroom.

“Students benefitted from the experience and grew in their abilities to utilize reference materials in researching information and presenting it to others,” said Erb.

PHOTO: Troy Lane (second from left) points out an interesting aspect of his country’s poster to classmates and a school foster grandparent. From left are Miriam Alexander (Grandma Mimi), foster grandparent; Lane, Devan Ulman and Cecelia Corbin.

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Worldly knowledge
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