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Carrollton FFA chapter holds annual recognition banquet

By Leigh Ann Rutledge
FPS Reporter

FAA officers

GIRL POWER. Carrollton High School Future Farmers of America (FFA) chapter officers for 2013-2014 are shown above.
They are (front from left): Haley Kinney, vice president; Liz Bormuth, president; Kady Davis, secretary; and Dustie Kubankin, sentinel. Standing behind from left: Lauren Rutledge, reporter; Josie Snair, treasurer; and Cheyenne Morsheiser, student advisor.

Two women received Honorary Future Farmers of America (FFA) Degrees and a family was recognized for outstanding fruit sales at the Carrollton FFA chapter’s annual banquet May 19 in the Bell-Herron Middle School gymnasium.

FFA officers choose candidates for the Honorary FFA Degree and FFA members vote for the winner.  This year’s recipients were Dorothy Fulton and Kayla Pape.

Fulton has been a chaperone various times, helped with fruit sales and been an active FFA Alumni member. Pape was a substitute teacher, filling in for Kelli Pridemore while she was off on medical leave during the fall.  Pridemore said she did an excellent job and helped organize the petting zoo for family fun night and helped with fruit sales.

The Rick Eick family was recognized for their tremendous efforts with the fruit sale. The Eicks have been selling fruit in the second generation for the past nine years. “Since Sabrina began selling through David’s senior year this year, the family has sold over $26,000 worth of fruit,” stated Pridemore.

Local FFA members receiving Star Awards during the program included:  Kady Davis and Ali Kinney, both Star Greenhands; Haley Kinney, Star Chapter Farmer; Cheyenne Morsheiser, Outstanding Junior; and Garett Davis, Outstanding Senior. 

Brittany Rohr received the 100 percent award given annually in memory of Bruce Flanagan.

Dustin Pape, Beef Entrepreneurship; Jaime Sheppard, Poultry Production; Lauren Rutledge, Small Animal Care and Production; Travis Johnson, Sheep Production; Joe Grubbs, Beef Placement; Matt Borland, Dairy Placement; Garett Davis, Diversified Agricultural Placement; Liz Bormuth, Equine Entrepreneurship; Rohr, Dairy Entrepreneurship; Kyle Host, Swine Entrepreneurship; and Morsheiser, Outdoor Recreation.

Forestry (placed sixth in District): Nathan Morckel, Melvin Lee, Alex Hurst, Morsheiser, Sheppard, Dustie Kubankin, Josie Snair, Sarah Garczyk, Sam Fernwalt, Michael Howell, Matt Hoopes, Dakota Kirby, Jordan Lippincott, Brittany Rohr, Levi Castle, Cody Harkless, Dylan Hennebert, Dalton Ulman, Luke Leslie, Floyd Craft, Alex Christie, Matt Butler, and Alec Dingler.

Rural Soils (placed fourth in District): Morsheiser, Snair, Rohr, Hoopes, Craft, Brodin Reed, Tyler Imes, Austin Mills, Garaczyk, Lippincott, Evan Ferguson, Caleb Thompson, Dingler, Zach Blake, Harkless, Brian Wimer, Sheppard, Butler, Michael Howell, Castle, Bryana Carper, and Kubankin.

Urban Soils: Christie, Lee, Lance Nape, Morckel, Hurst, Aaron Brammer, Luke Cosart, and Mark Miller.

Job Interview:  Ali Kinney, Kail Weals, and Landon Grogg.

Dairy Handlers: Morsheiser, second in state and Eliza Days, state participant.

Equine: Bormuth.
Poultry: Sheppard, Kirby and Craft.  Sheppard competed at the state level.

Public Speaking:  Kady Davis, Creed, second place, Districts, state participant; Garczyk, fifth place, Districts; Haley Kinney, Beginning Prepared, third place, Districts; Morsheiser, Prepared, eighth place, Districts; and Garett Davis, Extemporaneous, first place Districts, state participant.
Wildlife: Hoopes, Emily Wartluft, Butler, Howell, and Cheyenne Mumpire.

General Livestock Judging: Johnson, Garett Davis, Pape, Kady Davis, Kubankin, and Ferguson, all state participants; along with Snair, Carper, Brandie Jo Tinlin, Host, Bormuth, Jaycee Flanagan, Morsheiser, Butler, Craft, Dingler, Ulman, and Lippincott.

Dairy Judging: Rohr, Morsheiser, Zach Wilson, and Lippincott.
Parliamentary Procedure:  Garett Davis, Bormuth, Haley Kinney, Rohr, Morsheiser, Haley Keefer, Wilson, and Kubankin.

Beginning Parliammentary Procedure:  Ali Kinney, Kady Davis, Dingler, Butler, Days, Bailee Griffeth, Ulman, and Kirby.

Envirothon:  Garett Davis, Grubbs, Kurt Davis, Rohr, and Morsheisser.

Dairy Products: Rohr, state participant and Days.

State and National Awards:  Michael Moore, 2012 American FFA Degree; Sam Beckley, Matt Borland, Bormuth, Grubbs, Lippincott, Morsheiser, and Tinlin, 2013 State FFA Degrees; and Kyle Davis and Chase Horn, 2013 American FFA Degree.

Chapter Officer Book Recognition:  Haley Kinney, Gold Rated Secretary’s Book; Morsheiser, Gold Rated Treasurer’s book; and Rohr, Gold Rated Reporter’s Book.

Distinguished Service:  Cheryl Rohr, Kathy Wilson, Cara Borland, Cathy Kinney, Julie Morsheiser, Erin Bormuth, Tracy Flanagan, Amy Griffeth, Connie Days, Kayla Pape, Grant Fair, Wendy Chrisman, Elizabeth Neider, Wes Frew, Kim Davis, Ray Rummell, Bruce Burgett, Darrin Ulman, Denise Teeters, Kyle Davis, Carol McIntire, Leigh Ann Rutledge, Don Rutledge, Tiffany Howell, Jennifer Ferguson, Brandon Thomas, John Neider, Thomas Kistler, Casey Schlauch, Dan Wheeler, Aaron Miller, Wendy Davis, Dave Davis, Jason Eddy, Leslie Lucas, Rhonda Marshall, Alice Poplin, Steve Kinney, Cheryl Butler, Jim Butler and Isaac Hennebert.

Chapter Degree Recipients:  Bryana Carper, Haley Kinney, Cheyenne Russell, Rutledge, Pape, Joey Galbraith, Hunter Johnson, Lane Hartong, Travis Johnson, Chris Stevens, Lauren Beverly, Logan Russ, Kubankin, Kali Weals, and Gennie Whipkey.

Top Fruit Salesmen:  David Eick, first; Travis Johnson, second; Chris Stevens, third; Flanagan, fourth, and Tinlin, fifth.

During the FFA Point System recognition, first year members earning 90 or more points (highest to lowest) included: Ferguson, Kady Davis, Days, Griffeth, Ali Kinney, Jakob Green, Ulman, Marissa Howell, Craft, Kirby, Nick Abel, Mumpire, Thompson, Dylan Hennebert, Thomas Bradley, E Wartluft, and Lindsay Titus.

Second year members earning 150 or more points:  Travis Johnson, Pape, Rutledge, Haley Kinney, Stevens, Kubankin, Weals, Keefer, Russell, Galbraith, and Sammie Philo.

Third year members earning 200 or more points: Morsheiser, Tinlin, Lippincott, Host, Flanagan, Bormuth, Sheppard, Snair, Borland, and Kurt Davis.

Fourth year members earning more than 250 points:  Garett Davis, Rohr, Wilson, Beckley and Grubbs.

2013-2014 officers: Bormuth, president; Haley Kinney, vice president; Kady Davis, secretary; Snair, treasurer; Rutledge, reporter; Kubankin, sentinel; and Morsheiser, student advisor.

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Carrollton FFA chapter holds annual recognition banquet
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