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Kindergarten students celebrate wedding of Mr. Q and Ms. U

FPS staff report

In our SchoolsThe four kindergarten classrooms at Carrollton Elementary School (CES) held a very special celebration Thursday, Dec. 20. at 2 p.m.

Students met in the school cafeteria to celebrate the wedding of Mr. Q and Ms. U.  The kindergarten classrooms of Angela Johnson, Kelly Snider, Jeannette Swinehart, and Darcy Thorne-Leonard have been learning their alphabet letters this year with the ‘Letter People’ program. 

The reading program uses bright and adorable puppets to introduce each letter of the alphabet to the children.  The wedding of Mr. Q and Ms. U is a wonderful way for kindergarten students to learn that Q and U go together!   Marcia Schaffer, of the Carroll County District Library, officiated the ceremony.  Ms. U was carried down the aisle by Lisa Truman, CES Intervention Teacher, and was escorted by Tim Albrecht, Carrollton Elementary principal.  Mr. Q was carried down the aisle by Dr. David Quattrochi, Carrollton Schools superintendent.  Honored and special guest at the wedding was Mr. R carried by Ed Robinson, director of programs. 

Schaffer told the group, “Gathered here today to witness and celebrate the joining of Mr. Q and Miss U in marriage...letters that are meant to be together, to watch them enter this quest and spend their lives together making words.” 

She asked Mr. Q, “To take Miss U to be his sound and word partner, both quickly and quietly, without any qualms and promise never to quit.  Will you keep Miss U with you always except for words where she can stand alone, like umbrella and underwear?”

Miss U was asked to take Mr. Q and not quarrel or quibble but to ask questions and be quick to listen to each other. 

Shaffer, a person of the community who writes many words using Q and U and as queen of the alphabet declared Q and U together in words forever.  After a high-five, she presented sound and word partners, Mr. and Mrs. Qu.

At the wedding reception, children enjoyed dancing with friends and classmates.  They ended the special event with a snack of juice and cupcakes.  It was a wonderful afternoon for the kindergarten students at Carrollton Elementary at the wedding of Mr. Q and Ms. U!

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Kindergarten students celebrate wedding of Mr. Q and Ms. U
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