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March 26
Randy Miller letter
We have been losing the war on drugs for decades.

Sue Snode letter
The Carroll County Economic Development Director,

March 19
Carol Palmer letter
I wish to thank the two people who helped me when...

March 12
Edward L. Hale letter
It is that time of year once again in the State of Ohio.

Anitra Meek letter
This past Saturday, the Carrollton Warrior Band...

Bill Newell letter
Carroll County has undergone quite a few changes...

March 5
Charles Pearson letter
July 2015 marks the 60th anniversary of the...

Allen R. Vensel letter
As many of you know, an 84-year-old woman...

Feb. 26
Mariah Bell letter
As The Free Press Standard is a leader in...

Angelo Rendall letter
The U.S. Advisory Panel on Dietary Guidelines...

Feb. 19
Al Kemerer letter
This letter is addressed to members of Carrollton Council:

Terry Vahila letter
To the relief of you readers out there,

Feb. 12
Ray Rummell letter
On behalf of the Carroll County Jr. Fair,

Beth Zollars Tonsky ‘74 letter
The Carrollton Schools Alumni Foundation would like to publicly thank those...

Randy Miller, letter
Our national debt is over $18.2 trillion and no one seems to notice.

Feb. 5
Christine Willison letter
I am writing concerning the growing opt-out movement...

The Coley’s Stag Reunion Committee letter
Once again the Coley’s community helped make the 2014...

FPS Letter Policy

The Free Press Standard welcomes letters to the editor from its readers on subjects of current interest. However, letters involving domestic or private disputes and claims against businesses will not be accepted, nor will private thank you letters or poetry.

Letters may be edited for length, grammar, taste and libel and The Free Press Standard reserves the right to reject any or all letters.

All letters must be signed with the author’s handwritten signature and names must be published in the paper. Author must include address and telephone numbers for verification.

Deadline for letters is Monday at noon.

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