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To the Editor:
Why is there nothing getting accomplished in the Congress? After seeing Vice President Joe Biden’s performance at the debate, I know why. The VP was arrogant, condescending, rude, and would not let Paul Ryan speak, interrupting him 56 times. Joe has shown us what the far left leadership, in the Democrat party, is all about. The party that is unwilling to compromise and work with the Republicans to get bills passed for the people. Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, won’t work with the House on bills sent to him; he won’t even bring them up to debate. That’s why we haven’t had a budget for over three years.

And when nothing gets done they blame the Republicans. When President Clinton worked with the Republican Congress, he got a balanced budget by the end of his last term with low unemployment. What we have now is trillion dollar deficits and high unemployment and with Democrats unwilling to fix it. From Thursday’s debate the American people have finally seen what the Democrats have become and they don’t like what they see. The radicals have finally hijacked my JFK Democrat party. If we don’t replace them we will have written our own obituary.

Randy Miller


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