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To the Editor:
In October 2008, Barack Obama boasted that his ascension to power was about “fundamentally transforming the USA.” Most Americans had no clue as to what that threat meant but now we should all know.

The Obama administration is gutting the right to keep and bear arms and this is a key part of the “transformation.” Obama’s voting record against our right to bear arms is proof.

This election will decide whether our Constitution will continue to guide our country and whether we will continue to have other rights that are slowly being eroded in the Obama administration.

What did we get from Obama’s “fundamental transformation?”
One of the things we got was Operation “Fast and Furious,” which was the gun-walking scheme that officially sanctioned the illegal purchase and smuggling of thousands of firearms into Mexican criminal commerce. This resulted in the tragic death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent and murders of thousands of Mexican citizens.

Mitt Romney is firmly committed to the protection of our Constitutional liberties. Paul Ryan is an avid hunter and is totally dedicated to our right to bear arms and all our Constitutional rights. There will be up three Supreme Court vacancies in the next four years so the election of Romney-Ryan to the presidency and the removal of Obama from that seat of power is critical. Four more years of Obama and we will not have gun ownership rights in this country. We need the Romney – Ryan led administration to put the right people in our Supreme Court and other areas to help get this country back on track. “Fundamental Transformation” is proving to be just another term for socialism.

Ernest Little
Carrollton, OH


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