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To the Editor:
Health is of high importance to everyone and weight plays an important part of your health and goes further to affect your attitude and self esteem. I don’t think anyone would argue that.

I recently went from a hearty 252 lbs. to under 200 lbs. and had many people comment and ask how I did it. It was with the assistance of Mercy Medical’s Optifast program. For this, I had to drive to Mercy Hospital in Canton, once a week, and it was a pain in the rear, but worked.

I spent many hours pleading with Mercy to bring this program to Mercy Stat Care of Carrollton so it is accessible to our community without the drive. Doctor Inman agreed to manage the program, and we now have it right here in town.
So many people asked me after I lost the weight about the program, how simple it was, how much support was available, and such, but couldn’t or was unwilling to commit the time to the drive.

If you’re looking for something in the weight loss arena that you can trust, that someone “real” has done and had great success, that has no financial or other benefit of any type from endorsing, well here you have it.
This is medically managed by a “local” doctor who lives right here in Carrollton. I can tell you from personal experience it really works.

Ken Joseph
Chief Operating Officer
Medbus Public Safety, Inc.


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