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To the Editor:
After reading the letter from Su Arnold in last week’s paper I had to write again. I think the information given her was extremely prejudiced. How can she cast aspersions on us from Florida! Even your friends will lie to you when they have an agenda.

She cited the Animal Protection League and all their “efforts” to build a shelter. Need I point out that it has been at least six years and still no shelter! Where is it written that having a shelter is the only way to help animals?

We run this organization with volunteers. They were strong at first but they wane off over time, people grow old and must limit their assistance, people need to work jobs and run families so there is little time for volunteering. Also, you must consider changes are made due to lack of support. The newsletters stopped when there were no volunteers to write them.

She commented on the cats in Minerva how they were abandoned but what she doesn’t know is that the doors and windows were left open and that they were not confined and were healthy animals. It was stated by Mrs. Rohrer in her article that she was surprised that they were as healthy as they were. Cats are predators and will survive when left on their own, as is the case with the hundreds of thousands of stray cats out there right now. I don’t see the Carroll County Animal Protection League (CCAPL) rounding those ones up! Because there would be no advantages to them like with this one. I said there was nothing I could do because the only thing left to do in cases like this is exactly what the CCAPL did…kill them!! And they plan to build a no kill shelter?

Yes, I am a paid investigator, however, I am not paid to (nor will I) kill healthy animals. Cruelty to animals is defined as animals being confined and not given food, water, shelter and proper medical care. Abandoning animals is also a crime. It seems everyone knows this job and how it should be handled better than I do. Any and all animals confiscated must be held as evidence until the owner is caught and has had a trial. That could take several months, unless the judge is willing to grant disposition. This “evidence” is kept by me with my own devices. Finding someone that abandoned animals can be a lengthy process.

At the end of the letter she (Arnold) states “I do not feel they are good stewards of the money given to them by the well-meaning people in the community who think they are doing something for the greater good of the animals”. How dare she make that comment! Spaying and neutering, education, health care, these are not for the good of the animals? We have helped thousands of animals that would have been relinquished or killed without our support. It is narrow minded to see only a shelter as a good thing.
Before you form an opinion, please get the facts.

Shirl Berry


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