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To the Editor:
I wasn’t going to write this editorial because I know a lot of folks feel the oil and gas industry is wonderful. Then I almost got run off the road again by a water truck and felt I have to have my say.

My whole life has been living in this area. For a short period of time, I lived in Canton with my husband and our little girls. 

My desire when my children grew near school age was to come again to Carroll County so they could attend a smaller school.

I have been where I am now for 33 years. When I moved here it was peaceful, tranquil and like a slice of heaven. I guess I felt it was going to stay that way. I was wrong!

Now I have trouble sleeping because I get awakened by loud roaring.  Many times I wake up and go outside and smell fumes so heavy it chokes you.

I’ve been awakened by oil and gas trucks turning around in my driveway and tearing up my yard because they missed the road.

Also, they are running up and down my county road when they are not supposed to be on it to begin with, tearing it up.

Two months ago, I had my windshield broken by falling debris twice!  I contacted the well-known oil and gas company in our area and they had no answer and said it was my problem. I’ve lived here all 33 years and before their arrival never had a broken windshield.

I have been reading that people have getting the shaft as far as royalties and not paid the full and right amount. All I have seen is negative from this situation.

Will our water be ruined also? I hear progress; this thing is so great.  If this is progress and so good for Carroll County I simply can’t see it but then I am basically a nobody.

Progress, wealth for some but what about our dear precious Carroll County?

Kathryn King


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