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To the Eitor:
I was fortunate to get to know Andy Thompson during his initial State Representative campaign. He was a small businessman who understood what small businesses need to give them a chance to succeed and that their success would result in much needed jobs.

Andy recognized the insatiable regulation climate that was devastating small businesses and eliminating endless jobs. He continues to fight to restore a crucial balance in regulations. Yes, a balance. He understands there is a need for regulation, but regulations must be fair - every regulation eventually results in lost jobs.

I had a professor at The Ohio State University many years ago who said sensible regulation was needed, but that most regulators had no biological understanding of how things work together. Additionally, regulators didn’t even consider the fact that every new regulation has unintended consequences that also impact jobs - the livelihoods of working families.

Andy understands that clean coal, along with safe shale and natural gases are still America’s cheapest and most abundant sources of energy. Ohio is blessed to have an abundance of each providing jobs for thousands of families. Alternative sources of energy are important, but our traditional sources of energy can help Ohioans by reducing the rapid rise of energy costs that are harming Ohio families.

Choosing to face reality, and for our young people’s sake, Andy chose to deal with Ohio’s 8 billion dollar budget deficit by making some tough choices; including voting to balance the budget. This was done without raising taxes. He also voted to eliminate the state’s Death Tax, which was extremely harmful to property owners including farmers.

Also, Andy has been named a friend of agriculture by the Ohio Farm Bureau for his interest in and support of family farms. I urge you to vote to re-elect Andy Thompson for the Ohio House (95th District) seat.

Ralph D. Coffman Beverly, Ohio


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