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To the Editor:
I am quite worried about something, and I hope that my fears are without merit, and what I am hearing is simply based on rumor.  

There are at least five management level contracts, that have to be either canceled or renewed in February or early March of 2012. 

I am being told that some of the existing board members have plans to renew them all early, before the new board is chosen by the voters Nov. 8, effectively tying the hands of the new board to the tune of over $400,000 in expense per year. 

Over half of the board will be chosen Nov. 8 by voters and will take office in January, and would have ample time to make those decisions, and I would ask that whether or not this is simply a “rumor”, that the present school board not renew or extend any contracts of any type earlier than they are required to do so.  

The times are so uncertain that the board that has to live with these decisions, should be the ones making these decisions.  

Whatever your opinions are on things, please make it a point to be properly informed, and get out and vote your values!  

If you don’t exercise your right to vote, you should lose your right to complain!  

Ken Joseph
Colleen Anderson (Joseph)
Carrollton, OH


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