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To the Editor:
There are more reasons than Dan Nocera mentioned why Obama should not be re-elected. He appointed women to the Supreme Court who say they are not going by the Constitution, but by international law. If he appoints another one to the Supreme Court we will lose our liberties. He has made statements that our Constitution is outdated. He has made every effort to make sure illegal aliens and felons get to vote as they did in the last election.

We are in a very dangerous situation as he has embraced the Muslim Brotherhood as he entertained them in the White House. They are the reason he had the FBI erase all mention of terrorism and Islamic from their textbooks.
According to a shocking 2011 study conducted by the Center for Security Policy, Sharia law has entered into state court decisions in more than 50 significant cases involving Muslims in America. With every legal challenge that is made by Islamics who want to impose Sharia law on our nation, we lose a little of our Constitutional freedoms.

A California elementary school forced its students to pretend to be Muslims, wear Islamic garb and pray to allah. In response the Thomas Law Center sued the district taking the case all the way to the Supreme Court. The court rejected the case and the lower court’s rulings were allowed to stand to allow the lessons to continue. There are many more cases. Enough is enough.

Irene Mahoney
Dellroy, OH


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