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 To the Editor:
Death panels are here. I believe Obama is socialist and muslim and he is on a mission to destroy the United States of America. Obama is in the process to change America and destroy the Constitution that our forefathers put together. Ohioans, Obamacare has death panels and the biggest tax bill the United States has ever seen. It has 21 different taxes in it. When you sell real estate, the federal government will get 3.5 percent of the selling price. This is in the Obama health care package. Ohio, when are you going to learn the government does not produce anything? That is why we have to make sure Obama is not re-elected Nov. 6. As Ohioans, we have to work hard that this does not happen. Call a friend or neighbor and make sure they vote for Mitt so we can get this country back on sure footing.

If you don’t think he is a Muslim, why is it taking Obama over 17 days and he still blames the attack on a video? Why doesn’t he come out and tell us it was a terrorist’s attack? I’ll tell you why: because he failed thinking he had defeated Al-Qaeda. He is a failure. This was a terrorist attack. Why is it that other news media were out there saying it was a terrorist attack? Let’s not forget that four Americans were murdered on Sept. 11, 2012. The main news media gives Obama a lot of slack on this attack. The main news media has done nothing but to cover this up and cover Obama’s backside. I think if this President were a white man, they would be asking to impeach him. The U.S. Ambassador to the UN was on TV five days later and said it was not a terrorist attack. Her name is Susan Rice. She and Jay Carney, Hillary Clinton and Obama should all be fired; they all lied to the American people and they still lie to the American people.
Obama can’t run on his record. He has America in the tank. Unemployment is at 8.1 percent (more like 16 percent), the price of gasoline is up 106 percent; we are $16 trillion in debt, energy costs are up and we’ve had no budget in three and one-half years. Ohio, you want this man for President; you better think again.

Ohio: run your household like the government and you’ll be in jail. We are next to the cliff and ready go over. Obama is destroying the coal companies and power plants. Obama said he would destroy all coal-fired power plants in 2008 and he is in the process. Alpha Natural is closing eight coal companies in West Virginia, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

There is one more reason Obama shouldn’t be elected: two more seats will come open on the Supreme Court and he will pick the judges.
Obama, you’re fired; get your walking papers.

Don Nocera
Dellroy, OH


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