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To the Editor:
As a member of village council, I would like to address an issue that occurred at our meeting, Nov. 8. I am making this statement to clarify where the majority of council stands on this important issue. We do not want the village of Carrollton to think we are “playing politics” or that we “just want our own way.” We believe we represent the best interest of this community and we do not take that charge lightly.

The question was put to Mayor Dave Flanary by Councilman Frank Leghart concerning the number of applications the village received for the position of village administrator. The mayor’s reply was, “there have been approximately 14.” He was then asked by Leghart if council would be permitted to have copies of the applications for review. Leghart was told, “No.”

Council was then informed by Flanary the hiring of the village administrator was “his hire.” Councilman Leghart then informed Mayor Flanary it is his hire, but it is contingent upon council’s approval.

While it is true the mayor does the hiring, does it not appear to the village of Carrollton that this should not depend upon one man’s recommendation? Considering the track record of hiring administrators in our village, would it not seem the wiser thing to do by utilizing our own Personnel Committee (from council) to assist in the choice of our next administrator?

My main purpose for this communication is to inform the village of Carrollton that, under no circumstances, will this council approve anyone for the position of village administrator without input into the selection process! Carrollton has many new members on its council and we will not be bullied into anything, nor will we be “yes men”  for the mayor’s agenda.

The day I was sworn into office, I was asked by Mayor Flanary and our former Administrator what my agenda was. I told them I had no agenda, I was there to do what I thought was best for the village of Carrollton and nothing more.

Councilman Dan Locke
Carrollton, OH


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