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To the Editor:
Thanks goes out to each one who had a part in helping with the school assemblies for “Break the Grey.” The Carroll Co. Committee (active since July of this year ) recognizes and heartily thanks the superintendents, principals, office workers and custodians of the middle school and high school who welcomed “Break the Grey.”

We also heartily thank those who unselfishly contributed financially, making it possible for the assemblies at Carrollton to be held at no cost to the schools. Our Community Sponsors of this positive values assemblies were:  E.L. Lewis Inc., Fusion Ceramics Inc., Gotch & Co. Inc., Hall Machine Co. Inc., Little’s Dairy Farm, Dr. Rob Miller, Newell Realty, Republican Women’s Assoc. (Carroll Co.) and the Thomas Foundation.

Whatever your part was, the committee is grateful to each of you. You have shown by your generosity and prayers how special you are as you are caring for the youth in Carroll Co.

Break the Grey Team
Bonnie Little
Local Event Coordinator


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