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To the Editor :
We, the CHS. Alumni Majorettes, would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to the  crowd watching the half time show at the Carrollton Homecoming football game Oct. 14th.

This was our 1st half time performance in many years (many, many years for some of us) and needless to say, we were a little nervous and uncertain as to how we would be received.  As soon our names were announced, we got a huge round of applause! That inspired us to do our best and made all the weeks of practice well worth the effort. When our two routines were finished, the crowd seemed pleasantly pleased (and somewhat surprised) with what they saw.

We appreciate the kind response from all of our fans! We wanted to make the school proud, and we feel we did just that!

Special thanks to Band Director, “Mr. D.”, the CHS Marching Band (including the Jr. Band), the announcer at the game, The Free Press Standard, Mark Spears and Wendy Davis, the school custodians and those responsible for the wonderful page in the football program.  We couldn’t have done this without all the support.

Words can’t explain the feeling of being on that field again. We ignored the mud and the cold temperatures and marched on with a feeling of pride. What a great school and terrific people supporting us!

We hope to see you all at the Christmas parade and hopefully, another half time show next season.

The CHS Alumni Majorettes:
Frances Shotwell Mahmoud ( 59 )
Marlyn Calderhead Warner ( 61 )
Sandi Tasker (68 )
Joette Thompson Rinkes ( 73 )
Teri McCauley Eichel ( 75 )
Carol Yoder Power ( In Memory of Jane)  78 )
Penny DeLancey Rainsberger ( 82 )
Christine McDaniel McLean ( 83 )
Amy Lairson Hockenberry ( 85 )
Cheri Wyatt Smith  ( 87 )
Candy Cross ( 91 )
Becky Berardinelli ( 94 )
and “Baton Girls” Gaby Eichel and Lindsay Vandeborne


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