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To the Editor:
Nancy Pelosi said we’d have to pass the Health Care Bill before we’d know what’s in it. Now we find the devil is in the details. Now we have what Edgar Allan Poe described: “The hideous dropping off of the veil.”

Senior citizens will lose $715 billion of their Medicare. The AARP conspired with Obama and snookered the elderly by supporting this disaster. An unelected panel of a few appointees in Washington will determine if we have enough quality of life to merit an operation. This administration has the eventual goal of advocating euthanasia where we can just take the pill with the orange juice and they can get rid of us. The health care we all worked for will go to a younger generation of drug addicted misfits who never worked a day in their lives, had kids but never kept them and expected society to house them, feed them, give them medical care and, of course, a free education.

Another issue that irks me is our Governor’s push for a big severence tax on the Utica and Marcellus shale oil and gas production. This will definitely slow down the pace in drilling. Landowners in Carroll and surrounding counties have struggled for generations to farm and scratch out a meager living and pay taxes on their land. Now suddenly the vultures are circling for the kill. Go after those fathers in Akron, Canton, Youngstown and Cleveland who brought those thousands of kids into the world and refuse to pay one dime for support. Go after those mothers trading their food stamps for drugs. Cut out the entitlements, but please leave those struggling landowners in Carroll, Tuscarawas, Harrison and Columbiana counties alone and let them have a little extra money to buy some nice things they might have wished for but couldn’t afford.

If you want to educe the state income tax, then get the money elsewhere. I’m a Republican and I voted for Kasich but he’s barking up the wrong trail here.

Lloyd Berresford
Hanoverton, OH


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