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To the Editor:
Californians are voting with their feet.

With higher taxes in California, it is estimated more than 2,000 upper-income level residents and an average of 5.4 businesses are leaving weekly. Having high taxes, a $387 billion debt and a 12 percent unemployment rate, this state is in trouble. Their answer is to raise taxes with stiffer regulations. New York and Illinois are in a similar situation with the exodus of people, businesses leaving and with high debt and unemployment.

Three other states had problems like this in 2010.  Their voters changed the status-quo putting in a new administration. They cut taxes, balanced their budgets, eliminated their debt and brought down the unemployment rate in less than two years. Those states were Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio.

Our federal government, like California, has a huge debt, high taxes, choking business regulations and a high unemployment rate. Their solution: a huge tax increase by letting tax cuts expire and increasing taxes on businesses and individuals with new government health care.

Where will the upper income individuals and the companies go to escape these increases now? Most likely they will leave the country for one where they can make a profit or close their doors because costs are too high to survive. Either way, we lose jobs and the taxes they generate. The result will be a higher unemployment rate and an increase in the national debt…just like California and the other troubled states.

Now, what party is in charge of the three troubled states and the federal government heading down the same road? If you said the Democrats, move to the head of the class.

What party is in charge of the three states (and many others) that are doing better and are financially in the black? Yes, the Republicans.

So what party would get our country out of the mess we’re in? This should be a no-brainer. Now give your answer Nov. 6.

Randy Miller
Carrollton, OH 


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