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To the Editor:
I would like to thank the individuals and businesses who not only sponsored, but supported the Carroll County Fair Royalty Contest for the 2010 Carroll County Fair.

First and foremost, thanks to the young ladies and men who took the time and care enough about our county and fair to participate in this contest. We are so blessed to have such excellent candidates for Fair Royalty, as it was a very difficult decision for the judges, who felt any one of the candidates was worthy of being selected to be a member of the court. These teens were all phenomenal and must be commended on their outstanding achievements over the past years and the wonderful characters they brought into this contest. They make all of us proud to be citizens of this county.

I would like to thank Adele Canestraro-Valazques of Russell Jewelers in Minerva for donating the tiaras; Lion’s Den Sport Shop of Minerva for donating the king and runners-up monogrammed ball caps; Mrs. Richard C. (Barb) Walton for donating the court’s sashes; Bud’s Flowers and Gifts for creating the court’s and contestant’s floral bouquets and boutonnieres, given by the Suburban Garden Club; Carrollton FFA Alumni and Atty. Christine Falconer for sponsoring the queen and king’s chairs; Carroll County Fair Board for donating the queen and king’s trophies; BW Auto Wrecking/ Deluxe Body for the runners-up plaques; Carroll County Prosecuting Attorney Donald Burns Jr., Probate Judge and Mrs. John Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Sean (Michelle) Speedy, Common Pleas Judge and Mrs. Dominick  Olivito Jr., Recorder Patricia Oyer, Municipal Court Judge and Mrs. Gary Willen, Jeff, Shelley and Brock Albaugh, Dr. Gregory A. Fair, Allmon-Dugger- Cotton Funeral Home, Maple Cotton Funeral Home and Ambulance Service, Hair Gallery, Steven D. Barnett and the fair board for the queen and king’s savings bonds;  Tom and Marlene Wilson and Dean and Donna Ott for donating the queen’s 160th Carroll County Fair collectable basket; Carroll County Commissioner Tom Wheaton and Dave’s Diner for donating the king and runners-up cooler bags; Ashton’s 5 & 10 Store and Holiday Shoppe, Ponderosa Steakhouse, Gionino’s Pizzeria and Wendy’s for donating gift certificates for the court; Days Inn for donating pool passes for the king and queen; Rodney and Connie Days family for donating a necklace for the queen and John and Terry Dendak of Custom Creations Jewelry, Sales, Design and Repair for donating and pearl necklace for the queen; and Joe and Rose Seck, Tippy’s Hauling Service, Martha Jones, Mark and Karla Wells, Pizza Hut, Dru Moore and Jay and Tay Johnson for the court and contestant’s baskets, cooler bags and gift bag contents.

Thanks also to Tammy Sanderson and the Senior Fair Board members and employees, Dave and Jana Davis, Bethany Drake, Wes Frew, judges, 2009 Fair Queen Jordan Morsheiser, Rose Seck, John Ryser and Bill Stoneman, 2008 Fair Queen Michelle Bryan and my fantastic family of Barb Walton (my mom) and Debbie, Kacie and Mark Wells for all their assistance, direction and promotion. Without them, this contest would not have been possible.

I look forward to working on this contest again and welcome any assistance, donations, comments or suggestions.

Karla Wells
Royalty Contest coordinator
Carrollton, OH 


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