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To the Editor:
Before Obama was the 2008 candidate for the Democratic Party he stated, “So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them…” After winning the nomination he said, “energy prices would necessarily sky rocket”. As for his co-hort, Joe Biden, when campaigning in the last election he told a woman in Ohio “No more coal in America”.

So when candidate Obama became President he made good on his promises. In his three and one half years:

1) His EPA imposed tougher permitting standards for grants of coal mining permits.

2) The Cap and Trade bill had in it legislation that would force people to use less electricity. The bill was defeated in the Congress, so Obama, around December 7, 2009, unilaterally went around Congress though the EPA, in an Executive Order, and implemented his agenda.

3) The EPA imposed Mercury and Air Toxic Standards- this regulation is for new coal and oil fired power plants. (Note-Obama’s statements).

 4) The EPA imposed Cross State Air Pollution Rule. A rule the EPA acknowledges that the technology needed to enforce it does not exist, but will cost an estimated $90 billion annually.

Here are some facts that you should know:

1) Almost half of all domestic electricity generated comes from coal-powered plants.

2) The cost to customers is approximately 4 cents Kw/hr. compared to 22 cents for wind and solar (Obama’s Green Energy plan).

If the Obama Administration continues on their path of dismantling the coal industry you can look forward to 2.15 million in job losses by 2020 and $200 billion of tax revenue. These facts are from Robert Murray, owner, of local mines near Brilliant (Ohio American Energy Inc. Red Bird West), Alledonia (The Ohio Valley Coal Co. Powhatan No.6), Beallsville (Century Mine) and in a coal related company in Powhatan Point (The Ohio Valley Transloading Co.).

It was reported July 21, 2012: Murray cuts 29 coal mine jobs, just the beginning of work force reductions. He blames the Obama Administration’s “war on coal”. At the Obama-Biden White House web site, a pie chart shows their energy plan for our nation. It wasn’t until May 11, 2012, that coal replaced fuel efficiency. 
Don’t be fooled by these liars.

Merica Petrella
Steubenville, OH


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