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To the Editor:
School is back in session and I would like to express my thanks to the most valuable member of our public education system – the educators and staff who show up every day to teach, feed and clean up after our students.

It is evident many painful changes have been enforced since last school year. Change is difficult and a lot of change all at once is downright unbearable! On top of that, I have felt the absence of very valuable experience in certain grades from people who have been moved to other grades or lost to retirement. Possibly there were other situations that occurred to the staff that were unfair or downright wrong that have been kept quiet for the sake of the students.

In light of all the difficult circumstances, I was so appreciative of the smiling faces at open house and on the first day of school. Thank you for putting on a happy face and showing love and excitement to the many new and returning and their parents.

We are planning to keep a positive attitude and show all the support we can in and out of the classroom. We are hoping for a great year in spite of the challenges we face.

Thank you very sincerely teachers and staff for all you do.

Monica Cramer
Carrollton, OH


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