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They are now double dippy (dipping) retired employees. They should be cutting positions since school population is declining.

School buses (are) being housed inside when all other schools keep theirs outside. Now they formed a group to take people to the polls to vote, get absentee ballots, that’s nice of them, but are they going to pay your taxes for you too? I think not.

What happens how you vote is your business! Why didn’t they work this hard to keep the school maintained.

Since the last election several things have changed. The 12.5% tax cut on levies was not renewed by Ohio lawmakers, so on Sept. 1 you will have a tax increase. Since approximately 75% of your taxes goes to schools, if your taxes are $1,000 you will automatically be paying $125 more on your property taxes.

Also, the state will raise sales tax .25% which over the long run will cost you more than the savings on Ohio Income Tax and also the cost of living is going up around 5-6% this year, let alone the price of gas is going up.

All property owners also got an extra tax bill last month for a levy that was allowed to be increased by law if it was necessary. We are Taxed Enough Already, that’s what the TEA Party stands for.

So when you cast your vote stop and think, can I afford more taxes? 17 million dollars over 36 years is a very long time and a lot can happen. Just remember the past 30 years! Don’t let others pressure you to vote their way because they are not going to pay your taxes for you!

Most people cannot afford more taxes than we are going to have to pay already. Finally, what if Ohio lawmakers say in anytime in the 2-30 years Brown Local Schools are too small and has to consolidate? We would be double taxed and have a building sitting empty still paying taxes on. Lets say 5 years from now the state of Ohio says Brown Local has to consolidate. You know this subject has been brought up many times in the past. Taxpayers would still owe millions of dollars for a building that would be next to impossible to sell for what is owed.
Also if you are renting and you think this will not affect you, think again because your rent will go up, landlords are not going to absorb all these taxes. I encourage everyone who is registered to vote, to go vote!

George Leyda
Malvern, OH


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