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To the Editor:
Everyone is probably getting sick of reading about road rage incidents in the sheriff reports printed in this newspaper. It’s funny that they have just happened during 2012 and 2013- the years we have had a scrap yard on this road.

We have all lived here for quite some time and have even had our kids and neighbors learn how to drive on this road. I told my son and daughter if they mastered this road in winter and summer they can drive any road. It was rough when we had three neighbor kids learning how to drive before mine, but to that we were learning the road also.

There should be no one taking the sheriff’s time and complaining “you don’t know the road and how to drive it.” There are 11 family homes and at least two drivers to each home on the northeast side in Washington Twp. and we never had to have the sheriff’s office come out for one single road rage incident. Until late 2011 we didn’t have any problems. Now just because we know how to drive and others don’t, we have the sheriff called on us. The last report filed on May 31 was mine. I know because I wrote on my Facebook page what happened when I got home. This incident of road rage was that I didn’t move over and hit or scratch my truck on someone’s mailbox. The driver of the other vehicle was going the other way on the road. She turned her vehicle around and followed me as I drove 20 miles per hour. She kept beeping the horn and trying to pass me on a 16-foot wide road. I kept going because I was on my way home. She stopped at a scrap yard along the road. I went home; not a word said. The next thing I know, there is a road rage incident reported on Mayham Rd. All I could do was laugh.

This so-called owner of the scrap yard has rammed a truck with his truck on this public road in broad daylight. The incident was witnessed by other neighbors and the responsible party only got a ticket for “offense of public peace” a minor misdemeanor. This man has hit trees, stop signs, mailboxes and other vehicles, parks on the wrong side of the road and in the roadway and has the sheriff come take statements of road rage. If someone breaks down, he calls the sheriff and says he wants the vehicle towed, even if it was only there for a couple minutes - just as long as it takes to use someone’s phone – and they do it!
Why is this county like this? Why doesn’t the sheriff take our statements of what happened so they can take these so-called statements of theirs to the prosecutor to charge him with filing false sheriff’s reports?

The residents of this road have had enough. This has got to stop. Carroll County Commissioners, Washington Twp. Trustees, Carroll County Sheriff and the Carroll County Prosecuting Attorney want nothing to do with helping us. The scrap yard is breaking all kinds of Ohio laws of what scrap yards are suppose to do, including placing a six foot fence around the facility and having drums to hold fluids.

All taxpayers on Mayham Rd. should put all their tax money in escrow until something gets done.

Denise Schrader
Carrollton, OH


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